It Seemed….minor update

Today it is about 50 degrees, overcast and windy. Go figure

I fixed my bike computer. The cadence sensor was turned away from the pedal, toward the wheel so it must have been interfering with the speed sensor. And it’s possible the speed sensor was turned too far toward the pedal. In any case I pushed them both the right way and now all is well.

My legs are sore.

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7 Responses to It Seemed….minor update

  1. iliketoast says:

    Maybe your leg sensor is turned away from your happy sensor and if you push your legs a little and smile your legs won’t be sore anymore

  2. Susan says:

    My legs are sore too. We should complain together.

  3. Robert says:

    80 something here… I need to push myself closer to my ‘get out there and run’ sensor for all to be well here. 🙂

  4. Oh I SO wish it was only 50 here. It’s the upper 80’s and HUMID!

  5. Oh I SO wish it was only 50 here. It’s the upper 80’s and HUMID!

  6. Only 96 in the shade? what you complaining about? 😉

  7. trimama says:

    Massage anyone?

    Looks like you are getting in some heavy duty training and racing, especially in heat- keep it up! It’ll pay off.

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