It Seemed Like a Great Idea at the Time

So today was supposed to be my practice run for next week’s Olympic distance triathlon. I was going to try to figure out nutrion and salt so I wouldn’t get sick on the run in the heat. On the plus side I had plenty of heat to work wtih. That was on the minus side, too.

Last night I had a mad dash to the running store to get Endurolytes because I hadn’t yet done that. I was stuck in freeway traffic and careening around corners on 2 wheels, I made it to the store with 3 minutes to spare before they locked the doors. They were out. I tried a couple of other places – no go. Great. The whole point was to see how salt improved how I felt going long in the heat. Oh well – Momo told me to try salt packets so there was always that. But then I found a bottle of Thermotabs that I had purchased in 1999. They said they were expired but what could go bad – it’s just salt. These things have 450 mg of Na and it is buffered – awesome. I put some in a little zip lock bag and put them with my stuff.

I went to a late Master’s workout on Saturday that didn’t start until 8:30 I swam 2350 yards in an hour which included kicking and drills and slack time. It was fine.

T1 took about an hour because, you know, T1 isn’t my strong suit. I took a full shower, washed my hair, drove home, talked to my daughter, filled water bottles I had forgotten to fill, talked to my daughter some more, petted the dog and apologized for not taking her for a walk, loaded up my stuff and headed out.

I ate 3 Cliff Shot Blox on the bike (Cran-Razz), drank water, pedaled…blah, blah,blah. My bike computer is totally broken for speed so I only had cadence on the bike computer and I just didn’t use my Garmin to check my speed. Every time I felt compelled to go race pace I held back – this was not a race, this was a test drive. My time was only slightly faster than Wildflower which was a bit of a bummer but we’ll call that an improvement because at Wildflower I was racing so it appears that not racing is now faster than racing so that’s good.

About 20 miles in to the ride I felt the salt on my face so I took a Thermotab. I ate a couple of Cliff Blox. I got home and T2 was much quicker – maybe 5 minutes. Part of that time was spent getting ice and putting it in my bra because by now it was HOT! (this was 12:30)

I started running. It was hot – so hot. I had a water bottle but had forgotten to bring Thermotabs. No biggie – I had a Nuun with me so I put that in the water bottle and amused myself with the way it spurted out of the rubber nipple every couple of minutes.

3/4 of a mile into this run I found some shade and stopped dead in my tracks. It was hot – so hot. I gathered up my courage and ran some more. 1 and a 1/2 miles into the run I decided that this whole thing was just stupid. There would be no aid stations every mile or 2 with cold water and ice. Forget it! I ran a 1/2 mary last weekend and I’m doing a race next weekend and I’m officially leaving racing every weekend to less sane but better trained people like Kona Shelly and IronmomJenny (who are both sane but crazy about triathlon).I called my daughter and told her where to pick me up. My run was just under 2 miles.

When she picked me up I looked at the thermometer in her car that measures the temp on the road – 110. When we got home I looked at the back yard thermometer which is in the shade – 96.

I felt vindicated. I also felt great. I didn’t even take a nap today. MIssion accomplished.

ps- Thermotabs cost $6.19/100 tabs – significantly less than all those ‘sexed up for a triathlon’ products on the market.

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10 Responses to It Seemed Like a Great Idea at the Time

  1. jeanne says:

    hey, we BOTH said blah blah blah in our posts today!! If i could have had your daughter pick me up, believe me, I would have.

    Good work. It IS freakin’ hot. Mission accomplished!

  2. shelley says:

    Yah..i’m crazy all right just had my very first DNF at steelhead this weekend..thats sucks! But attempting a 1/2 im after a full 2 weeks later is freaking CRAZY!!

  3. Peter says:

    That’s hot! Wise choice to abort and try again some other day. You cannot mess around with the heat, esp. when you’re running alone. I hope you had a shoe id.

  4. momo says:

    the run portion of my brick workouts are always 15 to 30 minutes, so seems like you did just fine!! welcome to az type heat – crazy, huh? the salt packets are pretty easy to keep in your pack – so throw a few in for emergencies!

  5. Laurie says:

    Nice job on the trial run!

    Definitely smart to play it smart in the heat. It is not worth the agony.

  6. waddler says:

    I think you did great. At least you listened to your body!

  7. we do what we can – and then the next time we see if we can do more.

    You did a lot today – don’t forget that.

  8. Larissa says:

    Sounds like a great brick. Smart to abort on the run – I almost learned that the hard way yesterday. You’re going to kill that Oly!

  9. IronJenny says:

    I’d have aborted, too. My limit is 90 and I complain every step.
    I loved your T1~~!!!
    now you’re talkin’!

  10. bex says:

    You’re doing great – don’t forget that! And I have to try out those Thermotabs.

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