Dusting Off My Pom Poms

Before I get to the meat of this article a couple of things.
1). My official time from my not a PR 5K was 29:49. That’s 9 more seconds than I thought but I’ll take it.

2). Yesterday morning I woke up in a hotel room very tired and very comfortable. I thought about not going for a run. I thought about how nice that cushy hotel room bed felt. I went through the whole rationalization process about how I’d been drinking wine the evening before and how I MUST be dehydrated and running could ONLY do me harm and blah, blah, blah. I could not stay in that bed. I HAD to get up and run. There was no option. That was a first. I only ran 2.5 miles because the work day was beckoning but I got out there.

3). Today I woke up in my own bed tired from traveling and thought “I could take a day off and I don’t really have time to swim and then run so really – I could go back to sleep”. I could not. Could.not. That was a second I swam 1850 meters and I will get my run in later.

So, about those Pom Poms

A few days ago I sort of kind of thought it might be fun to go to Madison Wisconsin the weekend of Sept 9 and cheer for all my friends doing something BIG. It was just a thought. By yesterday it was a reality thanks in large part to IronMomJenny who just kicked the whole thing into gear. BOOM! So that’s it. I’ve got plane tickets and a room reservation and travel buddies. And I’ve got Pom Poms!

I’m very excited to be going because there is such a long list of blogger buds who are competing and another list who are cheering and I intend to see all of you. I’m super exicted about getting to spend some time with IronJenny who I met for about 42 seconds before my wave started at Wildflower.

We bonded, though. Yes we did. As I headed for the water I looked over my shoulder and yelled “I love how we identify and mothers and triathletes” to her and to TriMama. Not sure where that came from but I needed to express my sense of bonding and that’s what came out of my mouth. The other woman in that picture, FeLady, was also headed to the water.

Jenny and I will have lots more time to bond as we will be spending quite a few hours in the car together as well as being roomies at the hotel. I have a secret agenda to try to suck up some of her triathlete mojo because the woman is a masheen. She really is. If I could get 1 tenth of 1 percent of what she has going on I’d be a much better athlete. I will be looking to bond more with the rest of you, too.


See you there!

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9 Responses to Dusting Off My Pom Poms

  1. Don’t forget meeeeeeeee, I’ll be there cheering for everyone..yay!!!!!

  2. stronger says:

    And meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Bigun says:

    Wow, lady, you’ve got some nice Pom-poms….wink, wink…

  4. Bigun says:

    Wow, lady, you’ve got some nice Pom-poms….wink, wink…

  5. jeanne says:

    wow, good for you pushing yourself out of that bed! not once but twice! AND goin’ to Ironman! whooo~!

  6. fe-lady says:

    Oh I am SO jealous! You are going to have SO much fun!!!
    You must have been staying at a Hilton…something about their beds…. 🙂
    I will be cheering from this ring-side seat! Go ALL!

  7. fe-lady says:

    Oh, and I love that pix of us….I saved it too! 🙂

  8. Tammy says:

    OH I’m so jealous of all the blogger love goin’ on. My Ironman is on hold due to other financial priorities, but when I finally do debut, I’m gonna KICK SOME ARSE!!! Meanwhile, all I can do is live vicariously thru you folks… and watch ironmanlive.com. Wish I could be there cheering alongside!!! I know you’ll have a BLAST!!!

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