I Won!

Yesterday was a wining day for me.

It started out with my daughter Pookie and me going to the kickoff training session for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. This event sold out in hours to the people who got the early registration email. I was one of them but didn’t register soon enough. Then they had a lottery and I didn’t get in that way, either. The only avenue left open was to join the ‘Club Run SF’ program, a.k.a. “Come Be a Nike P1mp”. You have to do a lot of stuff to get a spot but if you do it you pretty much get one. What you have to do includes show up at training runs, bring friends, go to retail outlets and try Nikes on your runs. It’s a little obnoxious but not only do you get to run a race that has beautiful SF Firemen handing out Tiffany necklaces as prizes, you get to access special tents with warmth and water and Luna bars and, at the finish line, a lot of very good food.

They had a pre-kickoff ‘retail’ event a couple of weeks ago where, in exchange for visiting all the stations (see -Nike p1mp!) you could enter a drawing to win a spot in the race. I did that and yesterday I WON! And I’m one of those people who never win – ever. And I won! I’m so happy.

As though that wasn’t enough, I got have lunch with the traveling Family Momo. I gave them directions to a Park and Drive lot right off the freeway and then picked them up from their luxury liner RV and off we went to a local diner. As detailed in previous posts by others, the Angelones are just great, great people.

Melisa and I sat and jawed away through lunch (were your ears burning, peeps – we talked about you!) and the kids were just too adorable. They sort of pay lip service to sibling rivalry but they are obviously really close and really like each other as demonstrated in this fine photo. I also spent some time talking to Big J aka ‘one of the nicest guys in the world’.

The visit was all too short but it was truly a winner. Momo is every bit as gracious, fun and down to earth in person as she is in cyberland and Big J and the kids are equally great people.

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21 Responses to I Won!

  1. IronJenny says:

    I am so JEALOUS!!!
    Am I the only one in blogland who hasn’t met Momo? And the 30 seconds I spent with you at Wildflower (before you plunged into your wave’s start) is hardly the same as chatting over lunch…
    I am sure you guys enjoyed yourself, and that she says the same glowing things about you.
    hurrah for blogland!

  2. Awwwwwwww lucky you!!!!!!!!!

  3. stronger says:

    My ears were on fire but I thought it was just a sunburn! Glad you got to meet up finally!

  4. jeanne says:

    hey congrats on getting in! you get to try stuff out on your runs? COOL! and they have training runs? COOL!!

    it sounds decent to me!

    don’t know momo, but maybe i should!

  5. Another test.
    My comments have not been sending me email so I’m testing.

    And pretty much everyone should meet Momo. I’m pretty sure about that.

  6. susie says:

    Ha, I could hear you actually bubbling with excitement in this post, and you don’t bubble often:) Great day!! Fun!!

  7. TriBoomer says:


    Wow… I mean WOW! That’s great news. You know I’ll read that race report.

    And how doubly lucky are you? Getting to hang out with the Family Momo and everthing.

    Stay tuned…

  8. YaYa & Juls says:


  9. YaYa & Juls says:


  10. Larissa says:

    Sounds like a great race! Congrats on getting a spot! And the Nike Pimp gig sounds kind of fun.

    You are lucky – sounds like a great lunch.

  11. Nytro says:

    that’s not momo. i did not see a pink swimcap. that’s her tell.

  12. momo says:

    mom – you are the best! can’t wait till soma – we’re going to have fun!!

    and nytro – i did have some pink on. it was just hidden, girl. i can’t be so obvious ALL the time.

  13. IHateToast says:

    what do they do with unattractive firemen?

  14. iliketoast says:

    FIREMEN!!!! …. almost something to turn gay for …. did I just say that?

  15. Mal James says:

    Congrats , looks like a fun chick run as they say in the movies , come on empty barren hot or cold car parks are more fun LOL
    You have a great blog

  16. fe-lady says:

    That’s so cool that you got to meet up with Momo and family! This tri-blog stiff is pretty great about getting people together, hmmm?
    (See you in10 months!)

  17. Melissa told me everything you said…thanks for all the wonderful compliments:). Wish I lived closer…we could get together and talk about people…sigh…I hate this Island.

  18. waddler says:

    Too Cool on getting in!! That’s a great race I bet.

  19. trimama says:

    Yea! Race on Mom! I just heard you are coming out to IMmoo-fantastic-plan for a lunch or dinner with me and the crew- I owe you an email-limited internet here so it might have to wait til I return to mn

  20. comm's says:

    my ears where not ringing. I am not worthy of momo and 21cm

  21. comm's says:

    my ears where not ringing. I am not worthy of momo and 21cm

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