Crazy Dreams

I had a crazy dream last night that Dick Cheney and his wife met through “Hot or Not” They were both young and attractive in the dream. And then there was a part about me and Ashton Kutcher. I was on a round stage and we were throwing ping pong balls at each other and flirting. I detest Ashton Kutcher and his stupid ‘Punked’ show. He was funny on ‘That 70s Show’ and he is very devoted to Demi Moore and that’s about all I think of him. Anyone care to venture an analysis of my dreams? Oh never mind.

I should have been having anxiety dreams. Tomorrow I am going with my race club to ride up in Napa. It is so beautiful that I decided to swallow my pride and just go even though I’m sure I can’t possibly keep up with anyone. That’s okay. I’ll just take a map, take a shortcut so I don’t hold them up too long and enjoy the scenery.

Sunday I have an opportunity to do some open water swimming with said group. If it works with my schedule I’ll do it because we get to go in a really nice, private lake and it sounds way fun.

I almost wore my arms out this week swimming in preparation for Sharkfest! next weekend. We had a Mama and a baby gray whale that got lost in the Bay and swam up the Delta for about a week and I was secretly hoping they might just stay in the bay and Sharkfest would have to be called on account of whales. Then I could just go out to brunch with FeLady and Mr. FeLady and not have to buck the tides. The whales finally found their way back out to the open ocean so the event is still on. I’m ready but maybe just a teeny bit nervous. I have zero experience swimming in salt water swells. I guess I’ll just figure it out on fly – or on the stroke – or something like that. Whatever it takes to get to shore, that’s what I’ll do.

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8 Responses to Crazy Dreams

  1. momo says:

    the ashton thing? i looked it up in my dream analysis book and there was nothing. go figure.

    the ride in napa sounds beautiful! big j did it on his motorcycle and he has the most beautiful pictures. enjoy – who cares what speed you are, mom. just have fun out there and go your own pace.

  2. I have those type of dreams myself.

    Have fun this weekend. That’s the important part.

  3. I have those type of dreams myself.

    Have fun this weekend. That’s the important part.

  4. black knight says:

    I am happy for the final of the whale’s story! In my opinion to swim across the open sea is wonderful, I am sure you will enjoy “the experience”.

  5. ashton kutcher?

    Apparently, there’s a whole side of you there I don’t know yet…

  6. IHateToast says:

    hm… you don’t like him but admit you don’t know him, so you only pelt him with harmless ping pong balls. and you’re fliting for power.

    but i can’t help you about the part where you had secks with dick cheney, because you obviously accidentally deleted that section.

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  8. Eddie says:

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