What To Do, What To Do?

I have choices to make – quite a few of them and I’d like your input, please. I find myself awash in an embarrassment of riches with respect to training opportunities.

This evening I could go for a group run or go for a group ride. I don’t need any help there because I’m going for the run. I have not been on my bike since Wildflower and I’m back into the fear cycle (ha ha – get it – cycle!!). I will ride this weekend, though. I will.

That brings us to this weekend and the many choices I have. My only social constraint is a birthday party at noon on Sunday for my ex MIL who is turning some really ripe age near 90. I’ll be there. The choices are:

Friday –
Masters workout at 5:30 AM – OR –
Group open water swim at 6:30 PM followed by fish tacos and beer – OR –
Running or cycling after AM swim or without AM swim

Saturday –
Triathlon Clinic – Faster Transitions. Having spent a whopping 15 minutes in transition at Wildflower this one sort of has my name on it. I think there is an option to do a run or a ride after some open water swimming – OR –
Masters at 8:30 AM – swim for 90 minutes – OR –
Group ride – 50+ miles with a bunch of folks training for IM CDA and others. Hills hmmm…

Sunday –
Women’s only cycling clinic at 8 AM. An opportunity to learn group riding skills without having to keep up with men. This has real possibilities – OR –
Ride with friends – that’s a maybe. I haven’t checked their schedules yet. – OR –
Long run by myself

So many choices! What to do what to do??

The Future
Aug 12 – I’m thinking of signing up for the Folsom International Triathlon. I do believe that training will make it possible for me to PR by about an hour which would be really nice. The bike course is kind of flat and the run is hilly but nothing compared to Wildflower.
July 21 and Aug 18 – Tri for Fun. Teeny sprints (400 yd swim; 11 mi bike; 3 mi run). I’m lukewarm. Fun but it costs money and I really don’t need any more t-shirts. We’ll see.
Sept 16 – Tri for Real – this is my “A” race because I’ve done it twice before. In 2000 I did it in 2:31 and last year I did it in 2:08 and this year I intend to break 2:00. This is a sprint and I believe I can do it.

Oct 28 – Soma. That’s right. The Dread Pirate Rackham is trying to sweet talk me in to doing Soma and I’m thinking about it. I’ve even let the notion of doing the Half brush my brain but I think I’d probably just do the Quarterman. What do you think? Anyone else going??

So please – take a stab at my future both near and far. What would you do???

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17 Responses to What To Do, What To Do?

  1. I say that you should at least do the option that involves fish tacos and beer 🙂

  2. don says:

    Here are my votes:
    Friday – Group open water swim at 6:30 PM followed by fish tacos and beer YUM! Nuff said.
    Do the Saturday Triathlon Clinic, it always good to sharpen your Tri Skills and finish off with the Sunday Women’s only cycling clinic ’cause you get to cycle and hang out with the gals. Sounds super!

    You Go Girl!

  3. Thanks Don! Those are excellent suggestions.

  4. Juls says:

    Your schedule:
    Friday – 6:30 am group OW swim.
    Saturday – Group ride with the Ironmen & women – ‘cuz you want to be one some day.
    Sunday – Long run on your own.

  5. iliketoast says:

    Friday beer, Saturday Tri Skool, Sunday long run …. future ….. no running there ….. Vegas marathon dressed as Elvis early December!

  6. IronJenny says:

    I just registered for the Rock and Roll marathon January 13th in Arizona. That’s my vote for “far”…

  7. Laurie says:

    Don stole all of my suggestions! Great minds think alike apparently. 🙂

  8. Larissa says:

    I’m with Don and Laurie – though I’d stick a run in there somewhere for good measure.

    Lucky you to have so many choices!!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. SoMa!

    You gotta do soma. It’s fun!

    The choices are mind boggling – this is exactly why I have a coach. Then I can use my brain for other, less productive pursuits…like freaking out.

  10. JoLene says:

    I’d also vote for the clinics…..with a run added in.

    Maybe you should think about doing Pacific Grove triathlon in Sept as one of your events. It’s done by Tri-California as well but the bike and run are much easier than Wildflower!!!

  11. momo says:

    soma, soma, soma!! i’m with dpr!!

    come on down, stay with me!!

  12. waddler26.2 says:

    My picks are:
    Friday- swim then tacos and beer
    Saturday:Group ride -challenge yourself
    Sunday : long run alone to think about the other days.

    Go for it in SOma

  13. Benny says:

    I say do the tri clinic and definately the ladies only ride. But beer and fish tacos sounds pretty good too. Your call.

    Nytro and I will be at SOMA this year. It seems to be a yearly occasion for us. Sort of an end of the year blow out if you will. Great race. Prety flat and fast. Makes for a good first Half IM too. But the Quarterman is great too. If you decided on the Quarterman, sign up soon. It seems to fill up fast.

    Good luck making a decision with so many great possibilities.

  14. fe-lady says:

    My vote…I hope you are swimming. A lot. Sharkfest in two WEEKS baby…2 weeks!

  15. mal James says:

    Go the Half coming up you will not regret it, think of it as a long day at the office LOL

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