The Bachelor

Evil… evil, evil, evil…. I cannot even imagine having my trust violated and my heart broken like that.

We might as well go back to the days of the Coliseum and lions eating men alive.


disclaimer – I didn’t watch the show all season. I didn’t watch as other women got bruised and battered but I did see what happened to the second place woman and that is just evil.

ps to AJ – good one figuring out the outcome.

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8 Responses to The Bachelor

  1. jeanne says:

    ah, don’t watch it. and i’m thinking that was a good decision on my part!

  2. Greyhound says:

    Nope, don’t watch and so was not disappointed. Only “reality” show I watch is Extreme Makeover Home Edition. No one is ever going to be humiliated or mistreated on that show.

  3. fe-lady says:

    Have No idea what the show was about….remember, I thought you and stronger were talking about some guy’s screen name when you saw him at the tri!? I am just pop-culture deprived!

  4. momo says:

    i say bring on the bachelorette so that we can watch men being degraded and made to look like fools.

    nah, just kidding… 😉

  5. Tammy says:

    I don’t watch it. But how could he have degraded anyone??… he’s a soldier, and a doctor, and a good samaritan, and the boy-next-door, and a saint, and…. gag me w/a spoon. totally.

  6. trimama says:

    I’ve loved reading all your race reports-of course you’d probably like to know that, but I’ve been in mostly speed read mode with more sporadic commenting. I think it’s awesome that you took on this course and completed it-especially given the constraints of your training with a wedding and life in general. It was great meeting in person and I look forward to the next “group” race. Oh, and I don’t like the Bachelor for the very reason you’ve brought up-why give any more reason to condone public humiliation of people.

  7. Mother Chaos says:

    Oh, I can’t watch those. I can’t watch American Idol, either (ack, bleeding heart alert!). It just kills me to see people get humiliated and all that. Even though I know life is hard and you get a lot of that kind of crap throughout it…still. Just, the idea of if MY failures and smack-downs were broadcasted nationwide to an eager, blood-thirsty nation…ACK!!!!

  8. IronJenny says:

    I can’t watch Idol or Bachelor or Bachelorette for the same reasons. I think it’s mean to humiliate people, in private, in public, or in national forums. I get sick when people go on and on about how funny it was to see someone else’s dream die, even if they DO suck at it.
    I CAN, though, watch Survivor because it mirrors social dynamics of real life. No matter the arena (your offfice, classroom, golf league, swim team, etc.) the best does not always win, bad guys or “un-deservings” sometimes do, people you trust sometimes betray you, and it’s life.
    Faves – Project Runway, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Top Design. Those kids have talent beyond my imagination. I am stunned every week.

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