Groovin’ while we cruise

I used to think that the only sounds a runner should listen to were the sounds of life – the air whooshing past her ears, the cars and bikes on the road, the bam-bam-bam of construction work, the sounds of the surf and the fog horns and the laughter of little children playing in the park (unless you run a 0 dark-thirty in which case you listen to the sounds of your head trying to organize your day, non?)

That was then, though and now is now. Jeanne recently posted about the addition of an iPod shuffle to her running gear. I also run with a Shuffle (double entendre alert!). I listen to books when I run but occasionally I shuffle over to some tunes just to pick things up and that brings me to a question.

How many of you listen to music while you run? Do you have a favorite mix? Is it available as a podcast? What other podcasts do you know of that are good to listen to (either while running or about running or just about anything)? In other words – what is on your iPod?

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