Welcome with grace

I have a new tenant over at Stumbling Through Life with Grace. Her name is 3rd Times A Charm because she is on her third husband. She likes to pretend like she is a bitch but she seems pretty nice to me. Actually, she describes herself as a closet bitch unlike me who describes herself as a B.I.T.C.H. (Boys, I’m Taking Charge, Here). Grace was a former bad girl so there is some juicy stuff in her blog if you go looking for it.

Anyhow, Grace has such a great blog she is up for an award for best writing. Please go check her out and maybe vote for her. And also – don’t miss this post about her wedding to Mr. 3rd Time because it is too funny.

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3 Responses to Welcome with grace

  1. stefano says:

    I hope my wife doesn’t have a look to this post because I don’t want she can know that is possible to change husband!

  2. 21st Century Mom says:

    I think it is a little harder to do in Italy 😉

  3. The Pajama Mama says:

    I love this blog rental thing, I’ve found SO many cool new reads!!

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