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Day 4 (30 days of gratitude)

Today I had a plan to spend some time sorting through things and getting rid of stuff.  Purging is everyone’s favorite topic these days and I have to admit that although it annoys me that I have so much ‘stuff’, … Continue reading

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And don’t come back…

I just threw my fat pants away – HA! I don’t know how it happened. I don’t feel like I changed much of anything except you know, training for Ironman.   But I’ve been doing that since early Feb and … Continue reading

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Day in, Day Out

How does this happen? I start the day thinking I will go for a run and then go get some stuff for the pool,  buy some flowers and plant the gardens, and maybe get the raised bed ready for planting … Continue reading

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Life Gets Tough but You Can’t Be a Hater

I did a ‘century’ ride on Saturday (The Motherlode Century – great ride) . My intention was to ride the 94 mile version but things happen and that wasn’t one of them. This ride had a lot of climbing – … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Day

My daughter’s Mother in law wrote this.  She is a wonderful writer and it’s a great story.   TGIF! I Can’t Promise to Obey      

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Match profile of the week

The other Ironman I’m doing is trying to date, again. It’s pretty hopeless but you can’t win if you don’t play so I’m at least giving it half a shot. This guy exudes charm, grace and magnanimity like no other: … Continue reading

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Dear Blog

Remember me? I used to pay attention to you. I used to write stuff. I used to want to communicate more than 1 sentence at a time. I still do – I really do. It’s just that I have a … Continue reading

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Shoe Contest!

  So here’s your shoe contest. Next up – a post! I feel one coming on .. I really do.

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4 Days in a row

That’s how many days in a row I have worked out. So no – no earthquake. Just me getting back in the saddle.

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This is next year

Really – my re-entry has been slow and my ability to break up with sloth has come in fits and starts but I can’t keep going on this way. I will train. I will race. I will reclaim my life.

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