Day in, Day Out

How does this happen? I start the day thinking I will go for a run and then go get some stuff for the pool,  buy some flowers and plant the gardens, and maybe get the raised bed ready for planting vegetables.

I start out by going out to the driveway to fetch the NYT, read and drink coffee until almost noon, walk the dog, then realize Easter is coming so I go get some things for the pool (that’s one on the morning list) and then end up downtown buying Easter presents.  And now it is 5.

Yesterday I left the house at 7:30 to go meet people for a 4 hour ride followed by a 1 hour run and got home at 3:30 because I had to stop at Jamba Juice and get a real food smoothie (it was yummy!).  After I showered and walked the dog it was 5:00 so I went to TJs, bought food, made food, watched TV and crashed.

This might just be why my projects never get done.   Maybe.  I’m thinking I need more discipline.  What do you think?


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3 Responses to Day in, Day Out

  1. tea says:

    I have to make a list. On it, I prioritize everything. But,I only have one or two must do’s each day. It makes it easier for me; especially when unexpected things happen.

  2. cheryl says:

    up at 4- yes even on non-work days, make a list, cross them off. Do the have-tos first and reward yourself with the garden plantings! That’s how I would do it anywho….
    Happy planning!
    How’s Sharkfest training going BTW? See you in a couple of months!

  3. Petra says:

    Good god you have some disciplined commenters. Me – I get my training in and everything else just falls by the wayside. Sporadic cleaning / cooking / organising moments keep the family’s wolf from the door. We just muddle through when I’m in heavy training. I think it’s hard to be disciplined in every aspect of your life.

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