Toeing the Line on Renewal and Growth

You know that line – it sits on the calendar right at January 1 and it marks the day when you will stop eating crap, start working out, remember to be grateful for what you have and quit wanting what you don’t have, find a new job, be nicer to people, be less nice to people, practice self care, lose weight, do a better job managing your money, plan an adventure.  We all know that day and, with few exceptions, we fall right in to its little trap.

We tell ourselves, it doesn’t matter what day it is –  I can do this every day!  And yet we find ourselves inescapably drawn to the magical  powers  of renewal and growth brought to us by January 1.  We think,  “I’m going to practice Dryanuary!  I’m giving up sugar – let’s see how far I can make it!  I know the gym will be crowded but I will be there, too!”

So guess what? Me too!   Because, why not?  Why not draw a line and then get it together? There’s so much getting it together energy in the world on January 1 and it lasts at least until January 20th so I’m ALL IN!  It’s like surfing at Mavericks for those first few weeks and then you just have to remember how much you love surfing and hang in there with the regular surf.

This is my year to race again.   I’m already signed up for a 5K on March 3

I joined a triathlon group in May and have yet to meet anyone. They don’t even answer my emails any more.  I never met these people and they have given up on me – ouch!  But  I have not given up on me and the joke’s on them – I paid my dues and I’m supposed to get a t-shirt and I WILL HAVE MY T-SHIRT! (yes, I’m talking to you  And I will meet them and I will train and race with them.

I’m going to start swimming with Durham Area Masters on Wednesday.

I’m starting a running program with on the 15th.

i joined Coeur Sports Collective Beat program.

It’s happening!   I am going to regain my fitness and my self esteem and serenity right along with it; Right after I eat a quesadilla for dinner and work on that pint of Ben and Jerry’s I bought for my birthday yesterday.   I mean –  right after I celebrate New Year’s Eve with a group of young people and their pre-schoolers tomorrow night.  Right after that – right on January 1, 2018







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3 Responses to Toeing the Line on Renewal and Growth

  1. katiekelly says:

    Sounds like a plan to me!

  2. Juls says:

    That’s quite a plan of attack. I behind you 100%.

  3. 21cm says:

    Thanks Juls!

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