1 Down 5 or So To Go

Today was race day.  1st race of the season and I arrived at the start under trained and over weight – not a winning combination but a great way to inspire myself to get it together.

I also showed up with my new bike!  New to me – it’s a 2007 Cervelo P2C. I realized 2 days before the race that with a standard double and an 11-25 on the back I was not going to be able to make it up hills (in my head) so I had the cassette swapped out for an 11-28 hours before we left for the race.

The day started as they always do, way too freakin’ early with our group thinking “WHY!?? Why do we get up at 5 AM on a Sunday to do this”?  We all know the answer but the question is inevitable.

I ripped my wet suit in transition – that was awesome!  Tore a hole about 4 inches wide in the back.  That’s right – the back?  I was following a helpful hint from a fellow racer to bend over and pull on the shoulders to make it fit a little better.  Bad idea.  But I’ve ripped my wet suit before a race before so no biggie. I headed off to the 58 degree water for a nice swim swim.  37 minutes later I was making my way through T1

This is my swim route – I like to post these for the comic value.  Will I ever figure out how to swim in a straight line? Doubtful

It took about 1/2 a life time to get the damned wet suit off .  That was message #2 that it’s time for a new one.  Eventually (3:37 to be exact) I got it off and toddled out to the road to start my ride.

The ride was great.  I still don’t have a computer on the bike and my Garmin isn’t set up to show speed so I went off of perceived effort.  I wanted to see how I was doing.  I did okay. Not great but okay.  Bike split 1:33 which is just under 16mph which is slow for this course but given that these were miles 100 – 125 ON THE YEAR I really can’t complain.  Did I mention that I was under trained?

T2 was going fine until I started to run out and realized I had forgotten my bib – damnit!  I had to run back and get it.  Total time 1:25

The run was, predictably, painful. I managed to end up running with one of those super cheerful cheerleader types who calls out “Great Job!” to every single person on the course. It got old fast but oh well – it’s nice, right?  At about mile 2 I decided  for the 11ty billioneth time that I hate triathlon, I hate racing, I’m an idiot and that I’m just going to cancel out of the 5 other races I’ve already paid for.  That lasted for about 2 miles until I got to run down hill and then I felt a little better because I was still running.  And I ran to the finish.  And then I thought, “Hey – not bad.   You did it and next month you’ll do it better”  Run time 1:07.

Total time 3:24, AG3. Not my best, not my worst.

Shout outs to Threshold Racing for putting on such a fine race.  It was organized, well coordinated, scenic, great traffic control and I got a cool medal and I won a bottle of wine because with 3 people in your age group that’s what  happens.

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3 Responses to 1 Down 5 or So To Go

  1. cheryl says:

    way to begin the season-with an AG place! And a bunch of stuff NOT to do next race…don’t you just love having all those little things you get to tweak next time to knock off minutes! congratulations!

  2. Dori says:

    Nicely done! Sorry about your wetsuit, but that’s a hot looking bike you’ve got! I saw a picture of the Mt. Tam trail in Bicycling magazine today and thought of you.

  3. Juls says:

    1st race of the season: done. Now, it can only get better. Don’t let your mind tell you anything else. Nice job.

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