Monday Monday – Tri for Real Race Report

I raced the 15th Annual Tri for Real in Pleasanton yesterday. It was my 4th time doing this race and if you are interested you can read my history with eventhere. My goal for this race was to do it in under 2 hours and I did!

Before the race I met Muppet Dog Molly who was having a bad morning. I wished her well and went off to join my team mates at the edge of the nasty, duck poop infused waters of Shadow Cliffs. When you stepped in the water you had black goo squishing between your toes. It was majorly nasty. Once we got away from shore the water was fine and I did my best to draft. Coming in we had to swim through these nasty water weeds which was gross but c’est la vie with this race.

I was not last out of the water! My race club goes in our own wave and most everyone else at Forward Motion is way faster than me so I was happy. T1 was pretty quick due to my not wearing a wetsuit and I was out of there fast but then I got passed on the bike within a quarter mile by a couple of people. The last one to pass me took 5 or 6 miles and happened when I had stopped to help a fellow team mate with a flat.

As far as the stopping goes – I probably lost a minute or maybe 90 seconds but the rest seemed to really help and when I started riding again (because she told me to get going) I was much faster so worst case it was a wash and best case it really helped. Sadly, my friend’s race was over.

When I got to T2 there was a trio of FoMo ladies screaming at me “GET OUT OF THERE!!! HURRY UP, PAMELA!!! GET MOVING!!!” at the top of their lungs. After I recovered from the red hot sting of feeling chastised I grabbed my stuff and hauled out of there yelling “You Guys are Making me Crazy!” with a huge smile on my face. Good times and I had my very best transition time ever.

I passed the guy on the run who last passed me on the bike but he was the only Forward Motion person I passed. Everyone else was way ahead of me. I got passed by several women in their 20s and 30s who had started behind me but the further I got on the run the better I felt when they passed me because it took them so long to catch up! I felt less excited about the 66 year old guy who passed me but what are you going to do? I just kept running, reaching for that sub 2 hour finish.

As I approached the finish I looked up and saw 1:55.something on the clock and was SO happy. I can’t wait to see that finisher pic!

I waited a few minutes until Molly came in. She started 20 or 25 minutes after me so the fact that she was behind me by 2 or 3 minutes meant she had a great race. I told her there was a rule that if we didn’t get a picture no one would believe we had met. Here we are – she is adorable and I look like an old but very happy hag


So here are the stats as I pulled them off my Timex watch (I didn’t wear a HRM)

Swim – 700 yards 15:05
T1 – 1.45 (that’s what no wetsuit will get you)
Ride 16.7 miles – 58:42 (17 mph)
T2 – 53 seconds! (That’s what having 3 women screaming at you will get you!)
Run – 4 miles – 39:53 (it was hilly)

Total time 1:56.12

PR – 10 minutes off last year. Life is good.

What’s next?

For sure:
Nike 1/2 Marathon on Oct 19
Oceanside 70.3 on April 4, 2009
Weight training and Abs Watch! Stay tuned for that.

California International Marathon December 7
A 10K some time since it’s time to have a 10K PR

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9 Responses to Monday Monday – Tri for Real Race Report

  1. Molly says:

    Woohoo- way to go! I knew you could break that goal! And puh-leeze about the photo, you do NOT look like a hag (and I’m going to be good and not nitpick all the things I see wrong with myself in the picture) but we both look happy to be done!

  2. fe-lady says:

    I think you look GREAT in that photo! (And really young too!)
    Way to go breaking 2:00.
    Look at your muscles in your arms! Cool!

  3. fe-lady says:

    And you are going to oceanside in April huh?
    I am JELL-USSSS!

  4. Iron Jenny says:

    I love the outfit and the fact that your season goes this far into September!

  5. Iron Jenny says:

    Love the outfit! and the fact that you are still racing this late in September. Great job!

  6. jeanne says:

    FANTASTIC!!!! i love the 3 ladies yelling at you! too bad you can’t bottle that stuff–and no calling yourself names!

    you have quite a fall rest for the weary!


  7. swtrigal says:

    As a fellow sista from the traveling pants age group or something-I applaud you.. That is a really good time and you rocked the transitions!!

  8. runner susan says:

    under 2 hours . . . very nice! I cycling will make me look that good in pictures, then I’m in.

  9. Amy says:

    Snazzy looking new site!

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