Hump Day Miscellany – Tri and Get it Right

1). Small Things Amuse Me – Shout outs to the Super Poke people on Facebook for the Hump Day poke they did today. Hysterical. If you don’t know what I’m talking about consider yourself to be a person who uses your time a little more wisely than do I.

2). J Lo! Who am I not to say something about J Lo and her initiation into triathlon? First of all I’m proud of her just the way I’m proud of anyone who trains up and toes the line – way to go! Second of all 6+ minutes in T1? I guess that insane tunic she wore took some time to get on. And third of all – what was up with that thing? I know she just had twins and is probably sporting a gut but that was just the most absurd cover up job I’ve ever seen. For the love of God, girl – you did a triathlon just after having twins – it’s okay if you have a belly. Of course the press would give her no peace so I should just shut my pie hole about it. I’ll just stick with You Go, J Lo!! Well done!

3). Learning the Hard Way – There are some lessons some of us need to learn repeatedly. Such was the case with me and a flat tire. I was scheduled for a Sunday ride with my friend, the Good Doctor so Friday night I checked the bike and the rear tire was flat. I went to get it off and it was too hard so I put air in the tube, pretending that that might work. Oh sure – it went flat in moments. I gave it 2 more tries and finally was able, with the help of 2 levers, to get the damned tire off the rim – on one side. I pulled out the tube, made a rough assessment of where the leak was, reached up under the tire and felt around and didn’t feel anything so I stuffed a tube in there, blew it up, got the tire back on (easier than getting it off, oddly enough) and put it back on the bike. I checked it in the morning and it was flat again so I decided it was a bad tube and repeated the same process. When the Dr. arrived I had to invite him to have a seat while I changed the tire, yet again, only this time I took the tire all the way off the rim (like you are supposed to do) and really felt around. It had a pin in it. A very sharp, nasty pin that stuck out about a centimeter. Lesson learned. Being lazy when changing a tire puts you on the road to HELL!

4). No Wonder My Arms are Tired – I looked at my swimming mileage for the year and as of today I have recorded 98.78 miles in the water. That doesn’t include races, though so with races I’m over 100 miles – whee! That makes me happy.

5). And speaking of swimming – I was looking at the times for the Nations Triathlon (a race I SO want to do next year) and the swim times are long. The first person out of the water took 19:41 which is a really long time for a 1500 meter swim. I suspect the swim course was long so if you did that race and weren’t happy with your swim time feggedaboutdit – it was the course.

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9 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – Tri and Get it Right

  1. Girl on Top says:

    Almost 100 miles of swimming! Wow, I can’t swim for very long. Must work on that!

  2. david says:

    J-Lo tri-ing? Cool. She must read your blog and got all jealous.
    That’s some serious swimming. Good for you! That might be my lifetime achievement -100 miles.

  3. Cliff says:

    I can’t help to laugh after reading the part about J-Lo then read your blog title..>tri and get it right =D

  4. Donald says:

    Good – You beat me to the J-Lo post. I’ve been surprised to see a sort of backlash or resentment against her from some tri-bloggers, angry at the attention she gets for doing a short tri. I agree that she should be commended just as much as any tri-newbie for doing her first race. The media attention isn’t necessarily her fault – it’s what the websites and magazines know will attract interest. The bigger question is why do so many people care what J-Lo does – that still perplexes me.

    Thanks. I thought of making a “Leave J-Lo alone!” parody video, but this was much easier.

  5. Chris says:

    Indeed, what the heck *WAS* J-Lo wearing at that triathlon? I understand people not wanting to wear spandex, but there has to be a better solution than to get what looks like an XXL T-shirt and cutting the sleeves and neck out?!

  6. meg says:

    Is THAT why she wore that tunic? Good gosh! Can you IMAGINE the drag?!?!?!

  7. meg says:

    Is THAT why she wore that tunic? Good gosh! Can you IMAGINE the drag?!?!?!

  8. ihatetoast says:

    i don’t understand why people bag a celeb. they do a job we pay to watch. is it better for wankers in menial jobs to do tris or fun runs? i figure at any moment in any race, we’re next to someone who could be filed under D for Dickhead or P for Phukturd. the only way for celebs not to get attention is to not go out. too many people read those trashy mags. no photog will leave her alone. think of all those mags in aus, the us, and the uk for celeb gossip. i’d have worn a tunic instead of having my body discussed like britney’s.

    at least she’ll be known for getting her body back by exercise and not the eat-your-own-farts diet. i didn’t know she had twins. i’m so excited that i had no idea. yes!

    i often wonder how well bloggers act, sing, or dance. i mean, really. i figure hell would be a musical done by a cast of average bloggers. okay, i’d pay to see that, but then i love things that are just that bad.

    how many roads to hell are there? i know the one i must avoid is paved with adverbs.

  9. IronJenny says:

    I say Go J-Lo! I am certain her tri-ing is way better than my singing.
    p.s. – I am so glad to hear the Good Doctor is biking! how is he?

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