Monday Monday – Sliding in to Home

This coming weekend is my last, scheduled triathlon of the season. That doesn’t mean I won’t bow to peer pressure and end up doing another one but it does mean that I have no plans to do another one. This one is my “A” race – the place where it all started for me in 2000.

For those new to my life, in 2000 I was a first time marathoner (did the San Diego RnR marathon with Team in Training in 1999), a rookie swimmer (my son’s coach started a masters program) and I had a bike in the garage that I had paid $10 for at a yard sale years and years ago. I got the bike tuned up and put new tires and tubes on it and rode it about 3 times. I got some friends from work to sign up with me and they showed up with rented cruisers complete with wicker baskets on the handle bars.

I raced in a regular bathing suit for the swim, then I pulled on some bike shorts and a t-shirt (I guess) and did the ride and run. This sprint distance race (700 yd swim, 18 mi bike and 4 mile run) took me 2:31 to complete and I was very nearly DFL, but not quite. When I was done I swore I would rather run a marathon every day of my life than ever do THAT again! Sadly, I have no pictures.

Fast forward to 2006 when I had been swimming for 6 years, 3 with a US masters program, had spent a summer cycling and was still a runner. I had started blogging and then bumped in to running blogs and then triathlon blogs and I got the itch to give it another go. By then I had a hybrid bike and a little more spandex in dresser and possible a little bit better idea of what I was getting in to. I did the swim in a regular bathing suit and then pulled on bike shorts and bike jersey and then changed shirts for the run – so I guess didn’t really know what I was doing but I felt like I did. I even had spd pedals by then. I cut my time to an official time of 2:08 but I think it was 2:11 (not chip timed and they didn’t have my time for days and had to kind of make it up).

I looked like this:


Are we having fun yet?

The biggest difference between race 1 and race 2 wasn’t how long it took – it was how much fun I had. I LOVED it the second time, contrary to what you might think from looking at those pictures. Also, the course volunteers were mostly from Forward Motion Race Club and I thought, “wouldn’t it be fun to train and race with real people instead of getting all my support on-line” so I joined the club.

Last year I did this race on my sex-ay carbon bike in a tri suit and had great plans to smash my time from 2006. No such luck. I came in at 2:06 which was better but not better enough. I did have a great time, though, racing withy new friends from FMRC in my FMRC team kit. This race is special for everyone because we get our own rack and our own wave start and we dominate!

I looked like this –


I felt good!

This year I have a new goal and I have reason to think I’ll make it. The goal is to finish in under 2 hours and I am just so much stronger than I was last year it seems very attainable. Having goals like that puts some pressure on the race but I’m feeling confident and I have most definitely trained way more. Let’s look at the rough numbers:



80 miles (total)

95 (to date)

610 miles (total)

1665 (to date)

300 miles (total)

335 (to date)

Think those extra 1000 miles on the bike will help? Me too. Just look at the profile pic up above compared to my finish picture from last year.

So that’s the state of affairs as I spend the week training a bit at the beginning and then resting at bit at the end and then racing. In next weeks edition of Monday Monday I’ll tell you how it went and what’s up next.

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14 Responses to Monday Monday – Sliding in to Home

  1. suzee says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to see how you do!

    Loved your story.

  2. Molly says:

    Sounds like you are definitely ready to kick some butt at this thing! I need to blog my thoughts about the coming event sometime this week also…it’s my last tri of the year as well and given the shorter distance (compared to what we did in July) I’d like to really push hard and see how I can do. Great photos of the past races!

  3. jeanne says:

    what a transformation! i can’t wait to see THIS year’s photos! I know you’ll go sub-2. I HAVE NO DOUBT!

  4. IHateToast says:

    yikes! i had no fear looking at the first three; however, when i saw the second set, i crapped myself out of fear.

    look at the change in the cycle photo. oooh, i swear you’re sprouting bull horns.

  5. Chris says:

    You’ve certainly come a long way. The times may not show it as much as you’d have liked, but the expression on your face in the before and after shots do!

    Best of luck at your triathlon this coming weekend. Here’s hoping for under 2!

  6. cindy says:

    Yea – those extra miles will come in handy! You will do great!!

    Best of luck this weekend. I hope everything falls into place for you, you break 2 hours, and have a blast doing it!

  7. runner susan says:

    Yay. I’ve been waiting for this post forever! Your transition is amazing, you are amazing.

  8. fe-lady says:

    Oh yeah lady! WAAAYY Sub 2:00 for YOU this year!
    Cheering for you before you start! 🙂

  9. Jen says:

    You’ve made an amazing transformation. Keep up the good work! Good luck this weekend. 🙂

  10. my gawd, look at you, woman! you’re half the person you used to be! Way to go — keep it up, you’re gathering momentum!

  11. damn, lady — I can’t wait to read this year’s race report. have a great race!

    because I’m just that much of a geek:
    you’ve done an additional 19% swimming, 172% bicycling, and 12% running this year compared to last. That rocks! “Watching” you learn to love the bike has been truly inspiring.

  12. Wendy says:

    I’m sure lookin’ forward to that race report!

  13. Oldman says:

    Look’n good! I’m looking forward to a great report!

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