Monday Monday – Friends

I had a very fine weekend in which I had a great run on Saturday (6 miles at 9:43/mile avg) and a lovely ride with my FMRC friends up Mt. Diablo. I did well. I’d like to thank my mojo for finding its way home to my legs. I missed you.

I did another thing Saturday, too. I worked an aid station at the Headlands 100 race so that I could cheer Donald on a bit and because being outside in the Marin Headlands beat the hell out of working around the house.

First I visited my friend Cynthia of No Regrets so that I could see her fabulous new house up in the hills of Marin. People, you don’t know twisty, turny, tight roads until you go up there but I made it and I must say the place is really, really lovely. Cynthia is much relieved to have escaped the hinterboonies as she came to know her last place of residence. Most people call it ‘The Gold Country’ but the gold is long gone, replaced by a poor economy and people who are just not Cynthia’s type.

I got to my aid station an hour late (poor form!) but not before Donald came through the first time at mile 46. When he did get there he looked better than me as is his habit

I worked that aid station long enough to see everything from the guy leading the 100 miler in record time to the people just barely making the cutoff for the 50 mile race. I hate to say it but a 50 mile race may be on my schedule some day. Certainly a 50K. Not possibly this course, though, which was really, really tough. I can’t wait to see Donald’s race report.

I saw him again, 14 miles further into the run and he still looked better than me. It’s uncanny.

I sort of wished I’d stayed some more to see him at 80 miles but it was windy and freezing cold and getting dark so I headed home.

Today I had the pleasure of hosting Coach Tammy for lunch as she makes her way to her new life in Austin. It was so great to finally meet the woman who wrote Science Geek Tuesdays and a lot of other really great stuff. She is just as much fun in person as she is on the interwebs. Here is proof that she was here:

Notice the 21stCentury Motherly hug I gave her. Lunch was all too short but she had miles and miles to go and needed to keep moving.

I had another experience out at the aid station that I’ll write about another time but it has to do with really knowing what you want and being comfortable doing it. I was very impressed with one of the runners who made a decision that no one could talk her out of and that she was totally at peace with. We should all be so centered.

For now I’ll just say this – friends are great be they real time friends I’ve known for years and years (Cynthia), new real time friends (my riding partners from FMRC) or creepy internet friends (Donald, Tammy, et al). I’m really glad I have so many.

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9 Responses to Monday Monday – Friends

  1. Don says:

    You should always stand by The Donald(s).
    That course looks quite similar to The North Face Challenge 50 k that I did last December in Marin County.

  2. momo says:

    nothing better than friends. nothing. 🙂

  3. fe-lady says:

    People who run 100s are a different breed….
    So cool that you volunteered to help out and cheer on those that run those distances.
    I never felt my body could handle anything greater than 50, so never went after it.
    Plus it just takes an enormous amount of training time I think.
    I get to meet Tammy on Friday! 🙂
    We are hopefully going for sushi. Will eat some for you too! 🙂

  4. Jen says:

    You deserve good friends, Pam. 🙂 Great job at the aid station. Thanks for the support up at Vineman last weekend!

  5. Tammy says:

    HEY! Did you call me “creepy”?!?! And I was so nice to you on my blog. Geesh. hehe.

    Yes, it was too short… felt weird to just come eat your food and leave. But we shall meet again! :))

  6. Donald says:

    Pamela – it was great to see you! I’m just putting together a race report, and thinking about how indebted I was to everybody out there. Thanks for volunteering, and for staying to see me on my second trip through. Little gestures like that can make a big difference sometimes.

    You’re lying about how good I looked, of course. But everyone knows that already.

  7. ihatetoast says:

    donald should strip for a calendar.

  8. runner susan says:

    you’re just the socialite little mom aren’t you?

  9. jeanne says:

    you’re terrific doing all that volunteering! and yes the donald is ridiculously good looking…but you look pretty damn good too!

    i am SO JEALOUS that d.c. is not on the way to austin! it totally could be.

    and p.s. your 6 mile pace is smokin’!!!

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