Full Vineman – The Pictorial Version (Finally!)

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14 Responses to Full Vineman – The Pictorial Version (Finally!)

  1. LBTEPA says:

    I’ll have to look at all those cool photos when I get home – just wanted to say, LOVE the BRILLIANT new profile photo!

  2. ihatetoast says:

    aw, that was really sweet. can i say that about this? it was. the kids. the “where’s mommy?”. the finish.

    very touching in a grrrrr sort of way.

  3. MizFit says:

    LOVED IT!!!

    far better than my awkward videos 🙂

  4. runner susan says:

    awwww. very sweet photo memories.

    Why does everyone have on a yellow hat in the water? Was yellow required?

  5. Aw, nice job putting that together!

  6. swtrigal says:

    Very, very cool Pamela.. Thanks for the

  7. Iron Jenny says:

    awesome!!! looks like you had fun and your memo-video is great – thanks for sharing!

  8. Don says:

    That was fun to watch!

  9. fe-lady says:

    Very well done! Worth waiting for definitely! Sorry I was so impatient! I didn’t realize you were producing such an award-winning type slideshow! Pirate will cherish this FOREVAH!!!

  10. OMG!!! Those are SOO COOOL!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!

    you are the best sherpa EVAH!

  11. Misty says:

    Aw crap. Now how am I supposed to steal those photos and lie to Facebook and tell them I have permission to post them? Darn it.
    Nice job!

  12. momo says:

    aw, she looks so good! you are the best sherpa ever!

    and those cutie patooties, don’t you just want to hug them??

  13. jeanne says:

    you’re a slideshow genius!!!

  14. kara says:

    Great slide show. I didn’t know you had long hair.
    YOU Rock!

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