Say What?

As I went to bed last night I thought “I’ll get up and spend some quality time with coach Troy on my trainer – if I get up in time” This morning I got up way too late for coach Troy or anything other than getting ready for work and I thought WHAT DID I SAY??!!! Unbelievable. What kind of an athlete qualifies the plan with ‘if I have time’. I guess I STILL need to HTFU!

I did go for a run this evening and managed 4.15 miles in 40:25 for a sub 10 min/mile training run – go me!

In other news I have Barbies and stuffed animals in my family room again. I can’t bear to put them back in the dark, hidey hole I extracted them from last week. I want my little Pirates baaaaccckkkk!!!

On a positive note I get my own little girlies weekend after next. Both of them are coming home – Yay! I can hardly wait.

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4 Responses to Say What?

  1. Rockin’ run!

    I have realized that without external motivation (i.e. someone I have to meet) that I will never get out of bed early to work out. Now I just plan accordingly 🙂

  2. greyhound says:

    “If I get up in time??!!” WTF?? Training dictates the bed time; rising time does not dictate the training.

    I might as well say, “I will go to work tomorrow, if I remember to breathe.”

  3. aww, I’m gonna tell them you left the barbies out for them. they’ll get a kick out of that in a big way. if you want, i could just send them to you for fun? they are awful cute, those people.

    You should make an official date with coach troy. treat coach troy like a person, he has feelings too, you know!

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