Sorry but… I can’t help it

First of all, although I like Obama I voted for Clinton.

Second of all I know a lot of you are Republicans and I love you anyhow.

This, however, makes me sick and I think everyone needs to be very aware of the way “news” is presented. Keep in mind that John McCain has been endorsed by John Hagee who claimed that Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for allowing a gay pride parade in New Orleans. The news isn’t too upset about that, though.

The news is supposed to be informative, not biased. Those days are long gone and will only come back if we the people demand a lot less of this behavior and a lot more fact based, hysteria free reporting that actually involve original thought, not just a paraphrase of what the other guy said.

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6 Responses to Sorry but… I can’t help it

  1. Runner Susan says:

    i am not a christian, yet I became an ordained minister so i could marry my gay friends. Hagee can BITE MY ASS! But you know what? He’d most likely enjoy it.

  2. Tammy says:

    Obama ’08! Fox “news”… Ha! Thems reeeeel a-scared of runnin’ aginst Obama. Cuz theys goin’ dooowwwwwn! *crushes beer can on head* Yeeeeee!

  3. IronJenny says:

    … and I know you love me, too, and I’m an Indepublicrat!
    I want to vote a little for everybody… maybe one day I can vote on issues – one at a time, and not rely on one person to speak my mind for me in Washington. Until then I actually have to make a chart, weigh the issues, then decide which makes more sense than the other.

  4. fe-lady says:

    No news is non-biased anymore. You have to kinda watch everything and come to your own conclusion as to what the “real” story is!
    Newspapers are the same!

  5. GeekGirl says:

    We have a gay pride parades here in Albuquerque every year. No hurricanes yet, though. Maybe He has something else in store. Wait – could it be the preacher people who knock on doors? Are they gawd’s punishment? I bet they are…

  6. comm's says:

    Why do like Obama but voted Clinton?

    Just because Hagee is endorsing McCain doesn’t mean McCain agrees with everything Hagee says. Unlike Obama and Rev. Wright, McCain isn’t a member of his church or cited him as a deep philosophical or spiritual mentor as Obama has with Wright.

    At least McCain has said he doesn’t agree with that Katrina statement and then gone on to say what he does agree with Hagee on. Obama has only said he doesn’t agree with ‘some’ of what his personal pastor has said publicaly and not said one thing he agrees with. Of course the media would never ask that question of him.

    You may not like Fox but its one voice compared to MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, AIR AMERICA, the LA Times and NY Times. All of those are either liberally biased based on independent studies of news content or had hit pieces on conservatives blow up in their face.

    Im not trying to stir the pot, I think Hagee said something incredibly stupid and he should be called out on it. But why does Fox News get called out for being probably more right wing than unbiased while blatant left wing personalities and their shows get a pass when their incredibly slanted left, much more than Fox is slanted right.

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