Monday Monday – The Proud Mama edition

Every day is a proud Mama day but today is an especially proud day.

Humbly Bumbly has done something magnificent. She has been accepted into the 2 top graduate programs in her chosen field. As though this isn’t marvelous enough, her background makes it even more so.

In high school she was the Queen of the literary arts and she was very involved in drama (not THAT kind – the kind where you learn about plays and playwrites and you perform). She worked on the newspaper, took AP English and she took creative writing. She graduated significantly more educated in literature and grammar than her Mom.

In college she decided that science was where it’s at and studied biology, physics, chemistry and ecology to major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. After graduating she got a well paying job in a water testing lab which did great things for her checking account but did nothing to make her happy. She fretted about her choices and wondered, as do we all, “what will I do with my life”. She pondered her interests and her skills and her education and decided that she could marry her 2 backgrounds by becoming an architect. She looked into that and realized that she wasn’t so interested in the engineering side of things but that landscape architecture would be the perfect marriage of a love of things beautiful and artistic and a background in science.

I was really impressed when she came up with that solution and even more so when she showed me the work she developed for her portfolio. It turns out that my daughter has considerable artistic skills. I knew she had some but really, I had no idea how talented she is because she didn’t take art classes in high school. I helped her work on her essays a bit for her application (making her cry in the process – way to go, Mom!) and ultimately she came up with a very strong portfolio that reflected her interests, her intellect and her talent. And it worked – she’s got choices!

Her husband has also been accepted to the top school in his chosen profession as well as another that must be near the top. Humbly is a smart woman who married well. Now they have a hard choice to make because they could go to school in the same geographic area but she isn’t crazy about the program there or they could go to school in cities that are 500 miles apart and will cost quite a bit more. Not easy choices but as things go, having to make a choice like that is a nice problem to have.

Small son turns 22 tomorrow. He’s in college and doing well. I’m proud of him, too.

My little Pookie is flying to Sweden on Saturday to take a trip she paid for all by herself. In fact, she has money in the bank AND a fully paid for ticket. She is also in college and doing well and I’m very proud of her, too.

I don’t usually take any credit for my kids but today I’m just going to say ‘ Way to go, Mom! You are 3 for 3!

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10 Responses to Monday Monday – The Proud Mama edition

  1. Tammy says:

    Way to go Mom!

  2. Don says:

    Actually Pamela, you are 4 for 4!

  3. Runner Susan says:

    Way to go Mom! You did good.

  4. Congrats to your daughter!

  5. stronger says:

    3 for 3 is darn good.

  6. your kids are awesome, and you are a great mom!

  7. momo says:

    absolutely, way to go mom! i hope one day i can make a similar post. you’re an inspiration. hugs!!

  8. Donald says:

    You already said it … way to go, Mom!

  9. hilary says:

    my SIL (also a Hamp grad) got her master’s deg in landscape architecture. congrats to your daughter, and I’m all for proud mamas cheering about their awesome kids’ accomplishments.

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