Monday Monday – the 7 Things Edition

First up is training – I had a pretty good week last week but this week is the first week of my official HIM training ala Matt LIeto’s plan posted on Trifuel. This plan packs a LOT of hours. I have made some modifications to fit my training opportunities but by and large I’m hoping to hit the times specified in each discipline. This is a HUGE step up for me. Wish me luck!

Now on to fulfilling my obligation as someone who got tagged by Kona Shelly. Thankfully I don’t have to repeat the rules because I don’t really know what they are. As usual I’m wingiing it.

1). I have a ‘thing’ about my name. It has 3 syllables and I generally insist people use all 3 of them. So it’s Pamela, not Pam. I just find the name ‘Pam’ to be too abrupt and I never really liked it (but it’s okay if you are a Pam and you do). I like Pamela fine, though. Also – I find it totally irritating when people think I’m a bitch for wanting them to use my whole name. No one gets made when a Christopher doesn’t want to be called Chris.

2). I am a helpy helperton I am a decorated former member of the PTA. I spent about a year volunteering at 826 Valencia when I was unemployed. I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate. I am the Director of PR/Communications for my race club.

3). I am baffled every time I see Will Farrell on screen in his tidy whities. What is up with that? He’s fat and hairy and yet he just loves to go on camera like that.

4). When I swim I have to finish up with a multiple of 100. If I’ve done 2050 or 2150 I feel compulsive about doing another 50 to round it up. Sometimes I count wrong and don’t realize it until after I’m in the shower. No – I’m not THAT compulsive. I let it go.

5). I am addicted to Jeopardy. I watch it every night that I am home at 7. I have my good categories (science) and my really bad categories (European history). I’m so-so with word based categories.

6). I have mad skilz with procrastination.

7). I’m late for work again which sadly is not so unusual.

Have a great week and you’re all tagged!

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13 Responses to Monday Monday – the 7 Things Edition

  1. SM says:

    That Will is so HAWT right now…hee hee

  2. Triseverance says:

    Good luck with the training, the plan looks really sound. I bet I could win a procrastination contest with you.
    Can I can you Pammy the 21st Century Mammy? 🙂

  3. Cliff says:

    Dang now i am tagged 🙂

    I swim in 100s as well.

  4. fe-lady says:

    My swims have to be “even” too….3000, OR 3100, NOT 3250!

    My sister was almost named Pamela. But with our last name she was afraid she would go through life being called, “Pammy Palen”!

    I thought it was “TIGHTY WHITIES”….but you make him sound so much cleaner! HA!
    Can’t’ wait to hear about your training “uppage”! Hang in there!

  5. Donald says:

    I’m with you on the whole-name preference. Good luck with the tri training!

  6. Jen says:

    I also LOVE Jeopardy! I actually Tivo it and watch it at my leisure every night. My best categories are World Geography and the like.

    I like the name “Pamela” a lot, but I also like Helpy Helperton. 😀

  7. momo says:

    i love jeopardy! i used to have this boyfriend (kind of a dud) and he and i would watch and play all the time. whoever lost had to buy dinner. one day i got home from work early and i caught the 4:30 show from tucson. when he came home and we watched it at 6:30, i knew EVERY answer. i beat the pants off him. ok, so not fairly or squarely, but he deserved it! 🙂

  8. IHateToast says:

    i’m a katy. not a kate. no one gets that. i understand your pamwiththeela thing.

    what about wayne (mike myers) in wayne’s world in his tighty whities?

    of course, i’m in the land of the budgie smugglers. i’m assaulted that way, too.

  9. IronJenny says:

    I love Will Farrell. That whole hairy/ fat/ but totally unaware of it thing is what is so hilarious!!

  10. Debi says:

    That’s funny because i do not like “Deb” but i like Debi so I totally get that..

  11. comm's says:

    I love Jeperody. same with 1 vs 100. Mistress insists I try out for a game show with all the useless trivia I have in my head.

  12. comm's says:

    I love Jeperody. same with 1 vs 100. Mistress insists I try out for a game show with all the useless trivia I have in my head.

  13. aannttiiiittnnaa says:

    Hello there,
    Seems like we share a love of dead blogs! Came across your comment on ‘Chocolate Runners Blog’ You might like to check out my dedicated to ‘dead blogs’ page “BLOGS THAT DIED TOO YOUNG”

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