Name That Picture!

What IS that?

Is it what happens when you hand a satellite photo of a track to a small child holding a blue crayon?

Is it what happens when you play with a laser pointer from up in space?

No – No it is not.

It’s what happens when you attend a track workout with people who are a whole lot faster than you are and you wear a Garmin. You can’t see the places where I swallowed my pride and mustered up my humility unless you click the picture.

Ego smooshing aside it was a great experience because I went to get help with my form and I did. Every time I look at a race photo from the professional photographers my feet are very, very close to the ground. Usually one foot is flat on the ground and if you squint really hard you can see a little light under the other foot. I know this is not because they just always get me at that point in my stride – it’s because I don’t run properly. Turns out my stride is way too long and at the track workout I learned how to run taking baby steps and keeping my feet under me. Much better.

Also – in spite of having to cut across the field to stay with the big fishies (and I was not the only one who had to do this) I had great splits. The workout was (600 fast with a 400 recovery) x 6 only for some of us it was 400 fast because … well you get the idea. It was pitch black when we started so I had very poor Garmin control to start but my last 3 fast 400s were at about an 8 minute pace and my overall pace, recovery laps included, was 9:32! And that lets me haul my pride up out of the depths and let it shine and I call that picture “Me running better and faster” and I like it.

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14 Responses to Name That Picture!

  1. SM says:

    Hee hee…that’s awesome!!

  2. BobBob says:

    Track workouts while hard generally leave you very satisfied. Great Job. I have had that picture too.

  3. greyhound says:

    Mmmmmmmm. Track workouts. Running form. Yummy.

  4. fe-lady says:

    Speedwork! Nice! (I haven’t run on a track for YEARS….maybe I should think about it!) 🙂

  5. Yay! From your garmin, it looks like you were doing tome of those intervals running on the bleachers 🙂

  6. form => speed
    Great work!

  7. stronger says:

    Look at all your circles around the track! Great work.

  8. Juls says:

    HaHa…I didn’t have to click. I recognized the crossing the field right away. Too funny. You’re gonna have to pay garminia to turn the other way when you do that.

  9. Debi says:

    I so understand! That is really a cool picture..

  10. comm's says:

    oh too funny. you really can’t run away from yourself can you.

  11. comm's says:

    oh too funny. you really can’t run away from yourself can you.

  12. momo says:

    first – you showed up and you did the work out. that counts for EVERYTHING.

    second – i didn’t know garmins could do that – that picture is too cool. how do i make mine do it???

  13. IHateToast says:

    i like that you ran up the stairs and jumped over the last set of bleachers and then came back. and you did it several times.

    those others may have been a tad faster, but you were doing better at colouring in the rounded rectangle (not really an oval by definition).

  14. david says:

    Speedwork is one thrill after another and very addicting.

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