7 Things More Than You Want to Know

I have been tagged by TheMarathonMama with one of these ‘tell us about yourself’ things. It calls for 7 things which makes me realized that the phrase ‘be careful what you ask for’ is so true. I’ve asked that I not be tagged which got me bypassed with people playing the “5 things about you” game. Serves me right!

1). I’m a Buckeye. I was born in Dayton, Ohio and lived in Yellow Springs until I was 10 when my mother, a widow of 2 years, picked us up and moved us to Connecticut where we knew no one. Apparently she had a boyfriend in Boston but I didn’t know that at the time. He never materialized in our lives on the East Coast.

2). When I graduated from high school I worked in a plastic bag factory on the night shift from 6 PM to 6 AM, 3 days on and 3 days off. I rarely went to sleep after the 3rd day until that night. After about 6 months of that I took a job with a friend making cheesecakes. I saved my money and went to Europe for 4 months.

3). I ran out of money before I ran out of desire to be there so I took a job as a chambermaid in a dodgy bed and breakfast in Bayswater, London. I lived in a dorm style room with a bunch of Egyptian girls and learned about Ramadan. I was routinely propositioned by drunk Irishmen and lonely Africans as well as the Egyptian boys who also worked there.

4). I spent 2 years working on a PhD in physiology. I quit grad school after 2 years for a lot of reasons. Right or wrong it resulted in my marriage and subsequent production of my 3 favorite people in the world so I’m glad it worked out that way.

5). I am a dyed in the wool commie pinko feminist who lives in an upscale Lilly white suburb where I am a decorated former member of the PTSA. I am a huge fan of community and I can get along with anyone – I like people.

6). I’m a sociable person but I’m also a homebody. Sometimes I can’t wait to get home even though I am here by myself and get kind of bored. I need to get out more.

7). I have been unemployed off and on several times and I can’t seem to get the hang of weekends not being all that special when you aren’t working Monday through Friday. I often put off doing big jobs around the house until the weekend because that’s just how I think. Then, when I find myself at Costco playing bumper carts and dodging roaming herds of huge families I wonder why I didn’t go on Wednesday at 9 AM when the store is relatively quiet.

So the rules of this game are that I’m supposed to link to some people and post the rules. I don’t do the tagging thing, though and there’s a lot of it going around so tap, tap, no give backs – YOU’RE IT!

Huge shout out to TheMarathonMama for tagging me and giving me fodder for this last day of NaPloBoMo. I’m done!

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5 Responses to 7 Things More Than You Want to Know

  1. Anne says:

    What an interesting life you’ve led. As we age, I think we realize that there really is a grand plan for each of us; it’s just rarely what we designed for ourselves. No wonder your blog posts are so interesting!

  2. momo says:

    i totally am #6 too! kinda funny, huh?? 🙂

  3. jeanne says:

    congrats we did it!!! now whatever will we do with ourselves.

    by golly you’ve led a fascinating life. i don’t know why the boys aren’t lining up!

  4. IHateToast says:

    1) me, too. born cols. move to tx before i was one, though.
    2) do they allow day care in plastic bag factories, or is that just too dangermerous?
    4) so you’re saying that you dropped out of your PhD program and got laid. good on ya!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Buckeye too! I was raised in Findlay ohio! We use to swim the Dayton Dolphins..

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