Thank Heaven For Wine

Praise Be! for the wine industry. Not so much because I love wine although I do rather like it on occasion. Were it not for the ever growing wine industry California would be wall to wall houses and malls. All available land would be paved over with concrete and asphalt save for the occasional small spot of sod and the air would be filled with the din of automobiles and trucks. Actually that second part is pretty much true but thanks to our expanding need for wine some of the land is covered in vineyards. I noticed some olive groves today, too. Right on! If your head is filled with visions of dipping sourdough bread in olive oil and sipping wine you are so my kind of person.

So it’s really true – you really don’t forget how to ride a bike . At least I didn’t. I went out at 10ish with my friends and went for a comfortable and really beautiful 16 mile ride, mostly on paved trails. When we ran out of trails we rode through the vineyards. My friend Sandy wanted to stop at the Wente Champagne tasting room and see what they had to offer but I was hungry by then and was pretty sure that a taste of Champagne would have me lying in the gutter in no time so I demurred and we rode on.

I tried out the aerobars that Momo so generously gave me (in addition to the ones that DPR so generously gave me. Internet friends are the BEST!). The second I put my hands on them I rode off the paved trail and into the gravel. WHOA! To my credit I didn’t freak out and just fall over. I actually managed to get my hands back on the handle bars, clip out and stop. I must be getting better at this biking stuff. I tried them several more times during the ride and I’m getting there. I’ll have to practice on the trainer to get really confident though. Riding aero is kind of a wobble-fest, non?

The house is empty, the leftovers are gone and it is entirely too quiet around here. All I hear is the syncopated rhythm of my dog’s toenails clacking across the floor against the clicking of my keyboard as I write yet another vapid NaBloPoMo! post. Thanksgiving was over way too soon but the end of this writing sufferfest won’t come soon enough. Apologies for the constant drivel. I promise I’ll step away from the keyboard after my final NaBlo post on November 30.

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5 Responses to Thank Heaven For Wine

  1. oh yeah – the aeros take time to get used to. Lots. Of time. take it easy with those – but when you do, you will notice a difference!

  2. momo says:

    you’re doing better than i did – the first time i tried the aerobars i fell right over. it gets more comfortable, though – and then you wonder how you ever rode without them!

  3. Jen says:

    Happy belated Thanksgiving, just getting caught up on the posts. Love the pictures of your family. 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    Yes, what would we do without wine?

  5. david says:

    I’ll bring the wine if you have the fresh baked bread and oil.

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