So Much for That Plan

My commitment to run every day has been sullied by sloth. I did not run yesterday. I did not run today. I got a pain in the hiney yesterday that someone told me was “runner’s butt”. I thought it was “painter’s butt” as in the last 2 days I have painted 1 bedroom and 1 hallway which involved 87 trips up and down the step ladder and the stairs into the garage. I have 1 more bedroom and about 22 miles of trim to paint still. Fortunately my butt feels much better.

I have avoided riding my bike since it got home from SOMA. I was SO excited to have my bike back and now I have to avert my eyes as I pass by it for fear it will spit on my feet. My bike avoidance behavior is a mystery to me but it happens. I am SO glad I didn’t sign up for tomorrow’s triathlon on-line because they are carrying on but without the swim and I got a report today that it was freezing cold and that the roads are so chewed up your teeth have rattled loose by the time you get to T2 T1 (the only T there is in this race).

At least I’ve remained faithful to this

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3 Responses to So Much for That Plan

  1. IHateToast says:

    i’ll have jacek read my comment (no apostrophes in comment because jacek can’t handle them)

  2. 😉
    I think I need to get your # from TriMama just incase we need someone to chat with at the next Tri after barhopping…

    I know what you mean about ladder/painter’s butt. Ouch – it’s a different use of muscles that’s for sure – step aerobics….yay

  3. momo says:

    use a tennis ball for your butt – just roll around on it and it will get lots better. promise!

    btw – the aerobars are en route!

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