Today’s Fun Time Activity

Today I introduce you to the LOLinator . You can put in any URL and it LOLinates it.

Here is my blog LOLinated (click the kitty)

See what yours looks like – it’s fun!

The Treasure Island Triathlon is still on but without the swim. I’m too tired to do it. I’m going for a bike ride and I’m going to run 5.5 as a tribute to Ryan Shay (wrong week!) tomorrow and Sunday I might just eat pancakes and read the paper all day. And paint and clean but you know… a girl can dream.

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3 Responses to Today’s Fun Time Activity

  1. Bill says:

    Hehe. That’s fun.

    Between and , we’ve been laughing for a few weeks now. They’re even funnier after a few glasses of wine.

  2. my website is decidedly un-funny when it’s been lol-inaated….but I luvz it. he heee…

  3. Thanks – funny! I forwarded the link to a few people (with acknowledgement).

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