It’s a Good Day!

My bike came home! Thank you FedEx for doing a fine, fine job and getting it there and back in one piece. Thank you to Momo for helping me pack it up and for being there when FedEx came to get it. It’s all back together and I plan on going for a nice ride this weekend. The only bad news is that the aero bars DPR gave me don’t fit my fat handle bars.

In other news – look at this:

That’s right – I’m all in! I polled some women from my race club who have done this race and who have ridden with me and no one said, “are you kidding me. YOU can’t do THAT!” In fact they all said, “this is a GREAT event – do it!” So I signed up myself and IronMomJenny who is coming to do it with me. It will be my first half Ironman distance race. Anyone else out there doing it??

Speaking of Jenny – GO JENNY GO! She is racing IM FL tomorrow, naughty ticker and all so think good thoughts for her!

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