Breaking News!

Andy Baldwin is up for grabs again!!

“Truth overheard from the finish line announcer, β€œAnd here he is, Number 1549, Andy Baldwin, the Bachelor, and he’s still a bachelor.” Yep, Andy and Tessa have decided to split up and see where things are when he returns from the Persian Gulf. ”

Now I feel doubly sorry for the 2nd runner up. I also feel doubly ooged out that he picked Tessa up and carried her across the finish mat at IM KY. It seemed very inappropriate and like a publicity stunt at the time and I kind of creeped me out. It’s one thing to run across the mat with your family or give a loved one a piggy back ride (that happened yesterday!!!) but treating the finishing mat like a post-wedding threshold? ew.

Also, in case you didn’t hear, Sister Madonna Buder did not make the bike cut off. How sad. She said she’ll be back next year. >

ps – I’m totally hooked on the Bachelor this year. I’m almost ashamed but it’s the truth.

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9 Responses to Breaking News!

  1. Waddler26.2 says:

    I saw Andy Baldwin on the elevator at IM KY in the elevator with Tessa. OMG what a hunk!!! He was in his dress whites going to visit kids at the Shriners Children’s Hospital. I do think this years is better in his towel Woo hoo!!

  2. 30 seconds – I think that is such a bummer. About Sister Madonna.

    Oh – and those guys are cute!

  3. Susan says:

    What a bummer about Sister Madonna . . . and don’t be ashamed, just start licking!

  4. momo says:

    ooohhhh, i think that new bachelor is a hottie. andy was too – different – for me. πŸ™‚

  5. david says:

    We all have our vices. Enjoy it.

  6. Taconite Boy says:

    If Tac was gay…he would also be all over the bachelor guy.

    But he’s not.

    He’s got his smokin hot trimama.

    She’d turn any gay man straight πŸ™‚

  7. Rural Girl says:

    Bummed about Sister. Glad to hear she’ll be up for the challenge next year.

  8. Bob says:

    The Bachelor, I just can’t watch that show. My better half always tries to get me to watch it with her and I say NO WAY.

  9. Tammy says:

    You should be ashamed! Very, very ashamed!

    Ok, not really. I didn’t watch the end last year, so didn’t see what happened to #2… all those reality shows are so evil. Treating people like door mats in the name of good ratings. It’s all very sad.

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