I Shouldn’t Do This To You But…

You have to go check out this web site I happen to have been given a box of these peppermint patties and OMG – you don’t EVEN want to know how delicious they are.

It’s called Natural Candy Store and the stuff they have is oh so yummy. They have a fabulous selection of Halloween candy and they have organic jelly beans – a perfect replacement for Sports Beans. You just need to take them with a salt tab and voila!

And yes, Stronger – they do have natural M&Ms…

It is a spin off of another fabulous website called Artisan Sweets which has candy and honey and other delectable, sweet culinary treats.

You’re hating me now but once you get some of this candy you will lurve me – you really will!

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1 Response to I Shouldn’t Do This To You But…

  1. comm's says:

    Natural M&M’s.

    Yes I have many photographs of the M&M bush in the wild.

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