The Story You Didn’t Hear

Make that stories….. see update below.

There was an amazing, come from behind win at the Chicago Marathon. The 2nd place winner got smoked in the last 50 yards.

The link above will give you better video than the embedded player below but they are both the same, totally buried story. I’m so sorry for the family of the young officer who died but I don’t think that is the story that completely overshadowed this remarkable victory. It would appear that we as a culture would rather wring our hands and point fingers and complain about the race directors than celebrate the triumph and effort of a female athlete. For me that is the second tragedy of the Chicago marathon. I wonder if a male finish of this stripe would have gone unnoticed.

***UPDATE**** The men had a photo finish and a tie for the win (2:11:11) (Patrick Ivuti was declared the winner but it was sooooo close) with 3rd place less than a 3 seconds behind them. So this marathon should have been the story of fantastic efforts and nose to nose finishes and yet it all got lost. I want to clarify something, too. The stories of the finishers didn’t get lost to a single death. Sadly, there are deaths at a lot of marathons these days. They got lost in the heat/closure/not enough water story. Too bad for those athletes who did their best to ignore the heat and try to win.

Congratulations Berhane Adere – you are an amazing athlete!

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