A Word, Please

Could everyone whose blog I read please quit linking to such fantastic blogs? And could everyone I don’t read please quit writing such great posts? I mean really – I’M ONLY ONE WOMAN! I can’t read blogs all day long. But if I could I would because there are so very many great writers out there. Too many. And you blog about such interesting things.

There is this huge mesh community out there . I know this from reading the comments on random blogs I land on via a hot link from one the the blogs I read regularly. Our very lives are hyperlinked now. Remember when hyperlinking was the new, new thing? Man, you’re old.

When I look in the comments I see lots of names I recognize. Does this happen to you, too? And then you meet someone in person and they say “Oh – do you read so and so?” and you might say, “oh yes, all the time” or you might say “once in a while” or you might say “nope, never heard of her” but then you have to go look and again, you look at the comments and there are 1/2 the people you read and it’s a great blog and you think “hmmmm… I should add this person to my blogroll”. It’s so difficult – so very difficult. It seems like I could have literally hundreds of Internet friends but I must remember to engage fully in my life on terra firma. It kills my blogging time (both reading and writing) but I must. How else am I ever going to get a job or a date or training partners?

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13 Responses to A Word, Please

  1. Duane says:

    I can relate! I think I have about 10-12 I want to add and the list just keeps getting longer! But it is fun and I have met some really great people and made some very good friends in the process!

    What is really fun is when someone comes up to you at a race and says “Hey! I know you, you’re Duane, I read your blog!” and you have no idea who they are as they don’t comment on the blog. I wonder how many lurkers there are.

  2. stronger says:

    easy…you date a blogger and go for a training run together.

  3. iliketoast says:

    i think it is one of those things that is hard to recognise because you are part of it as it’s happening.

  4. suzanne says:

    this is funny. i feel the same way – if i got paid to read blogs, i wouldn’t have to worry about how i’m not working cause i’m reading the blogs. maybe we should put them on some sort of rotating basis: this week, i’ll read these 10 blogs, next week – this block of 10. my list keeps getting longer too!

  5. fe-lady says:

    I have a list right next to the computer of people I keep meaning to add….but I am lazy and it’s a “job” for me- I do waste a lot of time here tho. Have to pry myself away at times….yeah, a schedule would be cool. (blog schedule, work-out schedule…)

  6. greyhound says:

    I’m still surprised one of the competitors did not live blog Ironman Wisconsin. 🙂

  7. Juls says:

    agreed. 100%
    It’s just so easy to get hooked in the virtual world.

  8. Anne says:

    I had to chuckle at your post, especially the part about meeting another blogger and carrying on about so-and-so as if we were all long lost friends. I was having lunch with another running blogger I’d only just met and we laughed at how we must have sounded to the tables around us. (I can be quite animated.)

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving that awesome comment. It really helped to know I’ve got a kindred spirit out there…and someone else that still has a messy house. 🙂

  9. Jen says:

    (sorry if this is a double post, my computer is acting up)

    Great post- I completely agree! It’s kind of a small world of bloggers. You are the first I’ve met in person, but I hope to meet more! 🙂

    Great cartoon too-hilarious!! Have a great weekend!

  10. bex says:

    I’ve nixed my list for the moment b/c I’m bad at updating it. And I hear you on living in the real world as opposed to the online world. Hence the online silence from me for days at a time …

  11. SheRuns says:

    I feel the same way!!!! I find myself reading lots of blogs (including yours!), befriending people on myspace, catching up on everything fabulous on Splendora and popsugar, not to mention staying up on what’s happening in the running world! Speaking of which, how on earth can I possibly keep up on my training schedule–Nike is just a few short weeks away!!!

  12. Girl, you have just nailed The Blogger Life dead on! A while ago I wrote a post about TriAthlons becoming the new social experience. Lately, I have been rethinking that subject. I missed the mark on it by not including that Tri’s are the new social experience BECAUSE of blogging. We have made so many friends here in this hyperlink world. It’s truly wonderful!! Some of those friends we have met in person and our world is better for it and some we have yet to see their bright faces live and in person but we chat regularly via telephone or email. Wait. I think I just “POSTED” in your comment space!! lol I have to go now and finish this up at MY blog!!

  13. momo says:

    i use my blogroll to keep track of all the blogs i read now and then. otherwise i forget them – my memory is shot. it did, however, take me ten months of blogging to figure out how to show it…

    i’m lucky ‘cuz i’ve already met YOU in real life!!

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