You Know You Have the Best Kid’s when…

Yesterday the FedEx truck pulled up and I did a quick mental inventory trying to figure out what it could be. He unloaded and delivered a fairly large box from Smith and Hawken addressed to me. This was not my first Smith and Hawken box so I had an idea that it might be a tree of some sort since my first born Humbly Anne had sent me a beautiful miniature grapefruit tree for mother’s day. But it wasn’t Mother’s Day and it wasn’t my birthday. It wasn’t even Halloween. It was just Sept. 23, an unremarkable date in my life (if it’s your Birthday then Happy Belated Birthday!!).

I opened it up and what should I find but a really beautiful bonsai tree. It’s a Golden Gate Ficus.

I pulled the card out and read it and sure enough and it was a note of congratulations and assurances that the best was yet to come. It was signed “Your Kids”.

That’s how generous and kind my Humbly Ann is. The other 2 kids didn’t know a thing. She sent it to me to add a bit of brightness and love to my newly empty nest. Go ahead and say it. All together now “Aw Shucks, Mom! You must be the best mother in the world”. And although I’m sure that’s true what I really am is the most blessed.

Love you, Sweetie. You know how much.

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