PSA- Better than Ear Buds

Update – for a full, first hand review of this thing go see Greyhound’s blog. He took one of these for a stinkin’ hot 100 mile training ride. And stay tuned for my race report from yesterday’s Olympic distance event. I did okay.

iHome has developed a case/speaker system for your iPod for the bike! It will add a few ounces so if you are a carbon bottle cage freak who tries to cut the extra weight to as close to nothing as possible this might not be for you. Of course it is possible that this thing weighs less than the water bottle it displaces – I don’t know. Then there is the issue of the displaced water bottle. Now what?

If you want to listen to tunes but don’t like wearing earbuds on your ride this toy’s for you! Especially if you lose your job and need to take on work as a bike messenger. Perfect!

Do you suppose it’s race legal?

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13 Responses to PSA- Better than Ear Buds

  1. waddler26.2 says:

    Good luck in your race. You were in my pre-race dream last night. We could not find our runnng shoes. That’s a bad sign isn’t it.

    The IPOD is cool but would definitely not last through one of my crashes.

  2. I know what I am asking for for my birthday!

  3. Leighsah says:

    USAT rules say “headset, radio, personal audio device” are not authorized. But it surely looks cool and would work great for training.

    Christmas is only 136 days away. 😉 I already had my birthday this year.

  4. Tammy says:

    Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

    Stay alert, with attention on your surroundings while cycling. If I’m busy head-bangin’ to the latest and greatest from Rammstein, or twitchin’ my hips to Shakira, I might not notice that SUV that just came around the corner….

    BE SAFE!!! 🙂

  5. iliketoast says:

    want one!

    I can put it in my bottle carrier strapped around my waist

  6. Greyhound says:

    I JUST got one yesterday and used it on my ride today. Product review to come. Preview: it was AWESOME!

  7. TriBoomer says:

    Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!

    Stay tuned…

  8. IHateToast says:

    race legal schmace legal. this would get more people out of their cars to just commute on the bike. cool! me wants!

  9. IronJenny says:

    Wow – it’s almost my half-birthday and this would make a fine gift for such a special occasion!

  10. Phoenix says:

    I wan’ it! So Cool! Though I’ve kind of gotten used to being inside my own head during my rides – what a crazy place that is!

  11. comm's says:

    interesting…but how do you get it to your ear? Helmet tape?

  12. comm's says:

    interesting…but how do you get it to your ear? Helmet tape?

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