Musical Interlude and a little note

The 16th annual ALCATRAZ SHARKFEST is planned for June 28th, 2008. Registration for this event is now open!.
but don’t tell anyone – it sells out fast. Of course that won’t impact me – I’m already registered.

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3 Responses to Musical Interlude and a little note

  1. fe-lady says:

    Me too! And hubby too! We are three of eleven! 🙂 Shhhhhh…….

  2. jeff says:


    just testing comments. seems to work sometimes, yet not others. i just reloaded the config.cgi on the server and tested it on my site. i’m hoping it’s okey dokey now.

  3. Vickie says:

    Interesting. Is this the week AFTER IMCDA? Hmm. Lots of possibilities out there.

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