I Need Some Help – Come Take my Poll!

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I need help choosing my event calendar for the rest of the year. So far I have registered for:

A July 4th 5K
A Tri for Fun on July 12
A Tri for Real (my “A” race) on Sept 19.

I feel like I need a 10K some time this year and I’d like to do a 1/2 marathon. I also need another Oly. I also really loved that Alcatraz swim.

Keeping in mind that this stuff costs money and I have a limited supply I need some help choosing.

The SF 1/2 Marathon is a strong contender because my race club has it as a focus event and it is local and I kind of like it. That is at the end of July so I think I’ve got July covered.

Additional important info:

The Folsom International has a smokin’ hot field. In my age group there were 8 women last year with times ranging from 2:33 to 3:20 which means that in order not to finish dead last I have to PR by a lot. Of course Wildflower was a disaster for me but be that as it may, going sub 3:20 at FIT vs. 4:39 at Wildflower is very intimidating. Not that I mind being last but still. Okay – I do mind being last but if I’m not last by a landslide I can live with it.

The Treasure Island event is flat, flat, flat. That is a man made island and they skipped building in any hills. Flat can be exhausting but it’s fast. The field for that event is also much slower (2:41 to 4:29). I would do fine.

The Alcatraz Challenge involves jumping off the ferry, swimming back to Crissy field and then running across the Golden Gate Bridge dodging tourists, strollers and cyclists. Big time fun and no time pressure since you are at the mercy of the tides – both water and people driven. I’m not sure about the Race of the Centurions except it commemorates the 100th swim of the guys who just finished their 500th swim (and one of them gave FeLady his cap!)

SOMA is a really, really strong contender for several reasons. Momo has offered to host me so that would be awesome. Benny and Nytro will be there so that would be awesome. The DPR might just show so that would be awesome. I’m probably leaving out half of the other bloggers who would be there, too. You are all a great reason to go. I could probably get my sister to join me and then we could go to Sedona after it is over and recuperate at a Spa and dig on the spiritual vibes so that would also be …. excellent. The real question is do I do the quarterman or the half and you get to pick! I don’t care about placing – there are not very many women in my age group so finishing is good.

The Nike Women’s Half is sold out but I managed to get a spot last year so it’s still open as far as I’m concerned. Where there is a will there is a way. It is a week before SOMA, though so that’s a consideration.

Please feel free to vote 3 times. I’d like to see the choices somehow ranked. Also, feel free to leave comments explaining your choices. You also have the option for write-in votes. I didn’t list any 10Ks because they are common, easy to find and I can fit one in anywhere. In fact, there is one the Sunday after Thanksgiving I might do.


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18 Responses to I Need Some Help – Come Take my Poll!

  1. momo says:

    well, you know what i voted for!

  2. here’s a thing to know…

    you can count on a PR at SOMA. It’s a flat course, well laid out.

    You cannot gauge your ability by one freakishly difficult olympic – it really is not telling.

    Case in point: people I know who did the half at SOMA got about 1/2hr better time than they did at Show Low – same distances. I’m talking about fast people, not us turtles.

  3. Benny says:

    For selfish reasons, I voted for SOMA. I’m sorry, it’s all about me, and I want to meet you. So, if you want to do what is right for YOU, discount one SOMA vote.

  4. Susan says:

    I tried to select all of them but it wouldn’t let me.

  5. Laurie says:


    I was a bit surprised to see that you are considering the half at SOMA. You’ve only done one Olympic though you could do another before that time. But why be miserable doing a half when you are not fully ready?

    I’m also voting for Folsom.

  6. Larissa says:

    I’d say SOMA for sure – whichever distance makes you tingle; the SF 1/2; and the Alcatraz Challenge. A little bit of everything – though I notice the Challenge is shortly after the half – I don’t know how that figures in for your recovery time.

    All awesome options – either way you go it looks to be a fun summer!

  7. fe-lady says:

    It only let me pick ONE event…when I TOLD it three…A. Challenge, Soma and…uh…what was the other one? Oh, yeah,,,the centurion swim! GO for it!

  8. Cliff says:

    Without thinking i would pick Alcatraz Challenge.

    That’s the Escape froM Alcatraz right?? That’s like every triathlete’s dream 🙂

  9. hilary says:

    well, I voted for SF 1/2 (because the finish line is convenient for me to come cheer!), the Alcatraz swim of the centurions, and SOMA quarterman. That spaced things out well. otherwise i would say the Alcatraz challenge, because clearly you loved that swim!

  10. Tammy says:

    Dudette! SOMA is on my calendar as well!!! 🙂

    SOmA, SOmA, SOmA!!!

  11. IHateToast says:

    why don’t you join nasa and do it in zero gravity on a treadmill with velcro?

  12. Mal James says:

    Go the half, take the challenge and enjoy the journey, if t is your first half you will blitz a PR no matter what , it is just a longer day at the office
    Just make sure it is easier than wildflower LOL

  13. Nytro says:

    SOMA!!! You must do SOMA!

  14. susie says:

    I didn’t vote since I haven’t been keeping up too well. But from what I’ve read lately, you’ve been kicking butt. You could do any event you WANT!

  15. iliketoast says:

    i wanted to pick them all but went with SOMA half …. with all the other bloggers there, you’d feel short changed without the half so not the quarter

  16. toon says:

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  17. wood says:

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