PSA – Don’t give up your URL

A couple of bloggers have left the ‘hood lately and abandon their blogs. Bob of Haiku Thursday (Ourmarathonblog a.k.a Running Destination) is an example. He must have deleted his blog or something. The URL he left behind has been hijacked by a spammer (something about drugs from Canada).

I don’t know what the alternative is if you decide that blogging is taking over your life and you need out but don’t just abandon. The spammers thrive on that. I don’t know how they do it but they do and who wants to be part of that road to hell? Not me!

Speaking of me – I tried running again last night and it did not go well. The hammy cried ‘NO!” in no uncertain (and very painful) terms. I iced. I elevated. I went swimming today but mostly pulled. I have an appointment at a sports clinic tomorrow where they will probably tell me I need a deep tissue massage or 5. Anyone have any opinions about the benefits of deep tissue massage? I’m all ears. I’m also sort of skeptical.

Here’s why. If you have some sort of tear, what good can massage do? I can see massage making a huge difference if your muscles are in a state of tetnus or rigor or something but if you are torn or internally bruised wouldn’t the massage make it worse. My real issue is that the receptionist was trying to book the massage before I even had a consult. That strikes me as daft. Does the mechanic schedule you for a new head gasket before he’s looked at your car? No.

Anyhow- if you know something about deep tissue massage please tell me about it.

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