Rising to the call of Duty

I’ve been tagged by Juls. I’m not a tagger but I’m not a shirker, either so I will do the deed.

A-B-C meme

A-Available or Single — Both and probably for the rest of my life.
B-Best Friends — My sister and my daughters and my son
C-Cake or Pie — Pie. I only like 2 kinds of Cake – carrot and the band of that name. I loves me some pie, though. Just about any kind.
D-Drink of choice — Mojito! Or a Non-fat latte.
E- Essential Item — My computer, I guess
F-Favorite color — Fuschia
G-Gummi Bears or worms — Either – it’s not about the shape, it’s about the sweet gooey goodness.
H-Hometown — I was born a Buckeye but consider myself to be from Madison Connecticut
I-Indulgence — pedicures
J-January or February — neither. I’m more than ready for May or June
K-Kids & names — Humbly Anne, Small Son, Pookie
L-Life is incomplete without — My family.
M-Marriage Date — hahahaha…. Now that was just mean.
N-Number of siblings — 3. I’m the third in line of 1 sister and 2 brothers.
O-Oranges or Apples — Oranges . I love citrus fruit
P-Phobias/Fears — Getting hit by a car when I’m riding my bike.
Q-Favorite Quote — “Perseverance Furthers” – the I Ching
R-Reason to smile — My kids.
S-Season — Summer.
T-Tag three people – I’m letting you all self-select.
U-Unknown fact about me — I’m cheap – but you might have figured that out.
V-Veggie I hate — Beets. Lovely color but the smell and the taste just gross me out.
W-Worst Habit — Procrastination
X-X-rays you’ve had — Mammograms
Y-Your favorite food — Pizza – the world’s most perfect food
Z-Zodiac — Capricorn.

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9 Responses to Rising to the call of Duty

  1. the Dread Pirate Rackha says:

    I’m not responding to this post, for fear you will meme me. I have 4 other posts clanging around in my head. No, you cannot! You Shall not!Having said that, I share your love of all things Gummybears. Mm….Gummy…and the phobia – yeah. Me too.

  2. Mal James says:

    Now I do not know what being tagged even means , Your training looks great.happy New YearMal

  3. Bex says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. re pedicures. Wish I could still have ’em. But my toes are too ugly from running.

  4. Laurie says:

    I like your favorite quote. And learning more about you!

  5. Fe-lady says:

    cute- glad i wasn’t tagged- i don’t like doing them but enjoy reading them about others. i guess that makes me somewhat of a “lurker”???

  6. MUT says:

    Capricorn also. I like the list alot.

  7. Bolder says:

    i really, really wanted to just leave a comment ‘you lost me at meme’…but, cause it’s Juls, and she’s a good peep, and it’s you, who is also a good peep, and because it’s NaBloComHo January… i read the damn thing.you are no shirker!

  8. David says:

    Yea for Madison CT. I knew a girl there once …

  9. susie says:

    I’m with you on pizza…except I’ve given up cheese. And summer. Yes.

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