Hark! What’s that thunking noise I hear?

I finally got on my trainer today, all excited about trying One Legged Drills (OLDs)

I clipped out on the left and started turning on the right and found that every time the pedal got to about 11 o’clock it went ‘thunk’. Clearly I have stroke issues. The only way I could make the thunking stop was to slow my speed down below 40 rpm.. At that point I could single leg pedal in silence.

Will just practicing this and then trying to speed up fix my (clearly crappy) stroke technique? How long will it take? What am I doing wrong? I have no idea what fixes it vs. what causes it. Is it my foot position?

I have read several pages that talk about how to pedal properly. None of them mention thunking, by the way. Some say think of a triangle, some say think of an ellipsis and crazy boy here says you need to make a perfect circle. I don’t know what is right or how to do it but I do know that what I do is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Today was probably the single most frustrating workout I’ve ever done. I need help. Please!

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7 Responses to Hark! What’s that thunking noise I hear?

  1. jbmmommy says:

    I have no idea what sort of stroke problem could cause a “thunk”. Are you sure the resistance was right? Good luck.

  2. Fe-lady says:

    Man I have never tried this- but probably need to!Hey, I ordered the earrings from Overstock! Thanks for the link! I wanted posts anyway….and I certainly didn’t want the real thing! I lose stuff like crazy!

  3. Bolder says:

    try simplifying to a single stroke thought:lift your knees

  4. Lisa says:

    I’ve only done those drills once and started off with a pretty cruddy stroke myself, and eventually figured out some way smooth it out. I was thinking back-to-front front-to-back rather than up-down-up-down. Don’t know if that makes sense or even if it is how it is supposed to be done, but that is what I did to make some progress. Good luck!

  5. Vickie says:

    Keep your foot flat and pedal complete circles. Do not tilt the toes down. Pretend like you are scraping off the bottom of your shoe. Maybe something is out of whack with the derailler. I found that out the hard way in a race and had to take the thing off to avoid a crash. It only happened during fast pedaling.

  6. WADDLER26.2 says:

    Maybe it’s your leg and not the pedal on that side! Just kidding.

  7. Janice says:

    What kind of trainer do you have? I found the absolute best thing for technique was to use rollers. You have to have excellent balance and be consistent throughout the pedal stroke or your rear wheel goes side to side. It really helped me. I’ve never had a “thunking” issue:) Good luck!

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