Hark! What’s that thunking noise I hear?

I finally got on my trainer today, all excited about trying One Legged Drills (OLDs)

I clipped out on the left and started turning on the right and found that every time the pedal got to about 11 o’clock it went ‘thunk’. Clearly I have stroke issues. The only way I could make the thunking stop was to slow my speed down below 40 rpm.. At that point I could single leg pedal in silence.

Will just practicing this and then trying to speed up fix my (clearly crappy) stroke technique? How long will it take? What am I doing wrong? I have no idea what fixes it vs. what causes it. Is it my foot position?

I have read several pages that talk about how to pedal properly. None of them mention thunking, by the way. Some say think of a triangle, some say think of an ellipsis and crazy boy here says you need to make a perfect circle. I don’t know what is right or how to do it but I do know that what I do is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Today was probably the single most frustrating workout I’ve ever done. I need help. Please!

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