Snorfeling in to Nike

I went to the Nike Expotique (gag) today and picked up my packet and then had the pleasure of meeting Juls from Keeping Pace.

Juls and I are quite the pair for this race. She has a damaged tendon and I am sick with a cold. We’re both going to do what we can, though.

I have lots to say about the Nike messaging
Shop Like a Girl?? They had another one that said ‘Feel Like A Girl’. Say what? Am I supposed to feel like a boy because I’m about to race? I didn’t really get it except you could get a manicure in that tent. To their credit they had a great postcard that said something about loving your thunder thighs because they are strong. It was a weird mix.

There was almost no swag. No other vendors got to be there. It’s definitely all about Nike, Nike, And Team in Training and that’s a good thing but still – I wanted more free stuff! As it was I got a teeny Luna Bar and a packet of Cliff Bloks (orange – yum!) and a free Jamba Juice and a wrist band to hold my pace calculator. Not too bad not the load I’m accustomed to.

Time for bed – I hope I have good news for you tomorrow.

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7 Responses to Snorfeling in to Nike

  1. nancytoby says:

    Good luck!!!! Bizarre marketing, though, sounds like they were slogans thought up by male marketing execs.

  2. WADDLER26.2 says:

    Awesome picture of you and juls!

  3. HumblyAnn says:

    Mom – the “shop like a girl” stuff is a part of Nike’s greater “run/throw/play/kick like a girl campaign”. It’s a (kind of) feminist reclaiming of the phrase “you throw like a girl” which is generally a schoolyard insult, but is being used in this contex as a source of pride: you throw like a girl – lucky you. So it’s kind of cool, but also being implemented by a major corporation, which actually doesn’t care what you run like, as long as you do it in Nike shoes; so that kind of trivializes the whole deal.

  4. Juls says:

    It was great meeting you and hanging out for a bit with you. In my house, full of boys, “like a girl” is often the insult. I usually let it roll off and just ignore it. Sometimes, I say something to the effect that “and doing something ‘like a girl’ is supposed to be bad?!” Thanks to Humblyanne for enlighteing me too.Now, I have to catch up on my posts (no internet access).

  5. jeanne says:

    ha! humbly anne is funny!

  6. GraceD says:

    I actually love the “___like a girl” tagline. I saw a photo of the Nike Marathon finish banner with “ran like a girl” displayed right under the word ‘Finish’. I got a little teary seeing that. But, then again, I got a little teary seeing a photo of the guys in tuxes giving out Tiffany boxes.I want to run this next year. Even though I have to fund raise. And, I’m a great humanitarian and all that – but I hate to fund raise.Congratulations again!

  7. YaYa says:

    Hey, that is my Mom. How do you know my Mom?Did you run in the race like my Mom?

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