A Run to End All Runs

That’s what yesterday’s run felt like. When I got home I thought, “I’m never running again – ever!”

Things started out a little shaky. I didn’t want to go at all but I thought maybe that would make it a great run – you know how that goes. Less than a mile from home my iPod ran out of battery. I started to wind up the headphones and put it in my pocket but it came unraveled immediately and I decided to run home with it, instead.

When I got home my kidlet came out to take it from me and looked at her longingly and said
“I really don’t feel like going for this run”

She looked at me and in a disapproving tone of voice said, “Mama”

I was sure she was going to say, “You need to listen to your body” and let me off the hook. But no – she’s a rebel and she said

“Mama – you have to do this for the team”


So off I went to run another 10 miles.

The running wasn’t so, so bad. I had already covered the dreaded first 2 miles and I was in a rhythm and trying to keep my pace down below 10:00. After about another 2 miles my feet started to hurt. I also made the mistake of deciding that it would be okay not to take any nutrition with me other than the diluted Gatorade I had in my bottle. I got to the drinking fountain at 5 miles and diluted it some more and kept going. I was so done already but forced myself to run to the 6 mile mark (on my Garmin) so that I would get in a full 12 miles.

Heading back I stopped at the fountain again and diluted the Gatorade some more and drank some water. On and on I went but it was really hard and I had to give myself a constant pep talk.

“Keep it up – you feel fine! You can do it! Keep going! Do not stop at a friend’s house and call Pookie to come get you – don’t do it! You can do this!” ad nauseum.

My feet were killing me. My thighs felt sluggish and done. I looked at the Garmin and my pace was down to 12:20 – ugh. I sped up. I kept going.

Finally, at 11 miles I gave it up. I was at the bottom of a hill and I just threw in the towel. When I got to the top I ran the rest of the way home.

When I got home I really wanted to hurl. This used to happen to me when I trained with Team in Training and took Cytomax on my runs. After every single long run I would be totally nauseated and all I could do was drink water and sleep. Horrible.

So I learned a few lessons:
1). No more long runs without taking Gu. I asked the people at the running store how often they take a Gu and they both said every 45 minutes. Got that?

2). No more Gatorade while running. I’m going to pick up some electrolyte tablets. The drinks just don’t work for me.

3). It’s all about pace. I need to remember that if I run the marathon at a 10:30 pace that means I need to train at something slower than that. The whole thing about a race is that you get totally spent doing it. I have to stop depleting myself so much when I train.

So what do you all do for nutrition and hydration? How about recovery – is there something in particular that works for you?

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11 Responses to A Run to End All Runs

  1. susie says:

    That run wasn’t any fun. But now you re ready for a good one! I always make sure I do the first mile as slow as I can. That sets me up to gaining speed as I run. It’s the only thing that works for me. (I also used Endurance and Cliff Shots during the half, which seemed to add to my energy level!)

  2. m says:

    I never trained with Gatorade. I always took the gels with me. They worked best. Usually when I don’t fell like running I don’t. I have tried it to many times and failed. I have learned the same as Susie to do the first mile slow. Always take it easy.Regarding your feet hurting google “Metatarsalgia”. I started getting that about a month ago. It is very painful. I went back to my super over-pronator shoes and things are back to normal.Good luck

  3. Bex says:

    Lots of food and water and then a long nap will do wonders. I’m bad about re-fueling on my long runs, but I’m improving. I usually take one GU with me and a small bottle of Gatorade or water.

  4. Bob says:

    Sorry you had a rough run but we all learn lessons the hard way, sounds like you are on the right track. I generally use water in my fuel belt with a Gel for anything over 13 miles. Rest, I always rest the day after a long run and never have a “hard” day before.

  5. jeanne says:

    those freakin’ kids of ours…always pushing us! that sounds sucky…we were taught in the AIDS training program to take a gu at 45 minutes too, but i notice people like, say BEX, for instance, routinely ignore this sissy advice. Not I, though. Wouldn’t dare. But I am the QUEEN of slow starts, and conventional wisdom says your training runs should be 1-2 minutes slower than race pace. This is why I said if you are dragging me on a 10-miler, prepare to be out for the day!the next run will be better, much much better. you’ll see!

  6. Stefano says:

    A lesson learned during the training is good, during a race is a tragedy!

  7. Eric says:

    Try different combinations during your training runs and pay attention to how you feel. I’ve switched to HammerGel, more natural ingredients.Also watch when mixing with Gatorade. Too many carbs, gatorade and gel, may not agree with you.I know you’ve learned something during that run. You probably should have listened to the body, it knows what it’s talking about.

  8. Running Rabbit says:

    What a great way to push yourself though…

  9. Fe-lady says:

    Have you ever tried Amino Vital drink? It’s great before, during and after workouts. Everytime I use it during racing/hard training, I am NOT sore the next day! Really!Congrats on getting thru your long run!I have read Lynne Cox’x book and enjoyed it-but really wanted to know more about her as a PERSON. She has been at the Alcatraz swims I attended the past two years, but didn’t get a chance to talk to her.Her whole life has been swimming-kind of admirable…but not really if she hasn’t done anything else worth mentioning. There is a balance I believe….

  10. Buffy says:

    Did you say “another 10 miles”?

  11. greyhound says:

    I take nutrition for any run over an hour. Gatorade plus gels makes me icky. So I drink water plus use e-gels (by cranksports). Unlike many others, the gels contain electrolytes I miss by ditching the gatorade.

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