Do or do not – there is no try

But there is a Tri. Specifically, 2 weeks after my marathon there is a women’s only Half Ironman that is for women who are NOT signing up for the official Vineman Half Ironman. I’m thinking of doing it. So tell me – is that crazy or not?

I am currently swimming and biking as cross training and I could up the bike riding by a bunch now that my muscles have caught up with my desires. I’m not having those pre-over use injury pains any more.

Please weigh in. If you are a triathlete or know of one who might be willing to proffer an opinion please send her or him my way.


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14 Responses to Do or do not – there is no try

  1. Bob says:

    I am not a triathelete, but I must inform you there is such a thing as a try athelete. luck with whatever you decide. 🙂

  2. annelynn says:

    I think it’s a grand idea! You’ve been inspirational to me as I get myself back in shape again… I’m thinking of aiming for a triathlon a year from now, myself.On second thought, though…. maybe you could train with an eye to the race but then see how you’re feeling post-marathon.Either way, I look forward to reading about what you decide.

  3. 21st Century Mom says:

    annelynn – I am thrilled that you derive inspiration from my blog. Thank you so much for saying so!I have to make a decision about this Triathlon soon because otherwise the registration will close and I won’t have the chance. No refunds, either.

  4. m says:

    If I had the time and a fancy bike I would actually train for a half. I think the toughest would be the swimming (even though I can swim pretty well)Alas I have no time, and no $$ for a fancy bike. I would do it. It’s a great goal and best you can say I did it!

  5. Bex says:

    Do it! You’re getting in great shape. What have you got to lose (except pounds)?!

  6. jeanne says:

    Do it!!! What are you waiting for?!?!

  7. Fe-lady says:

    Oh man…I have no idea how much mileage or hours of training you are putting in. I guess it just depends on just what you want out of the race…just to finish? I race to perform my best, so if it were me…no. But I would look to break a specific time, place in my age group or something crazily competitive like that…I think you just MAY be recuperating still. But if you take it slow and easy, you will make it through.

  8. stephanie says:

    You might want to sign up for a sprint distance for your first triathlon just to see how well you like it/how well your body can handle it. I’m a newbie myself and signed up for a sprint distance tri in Columbia Maryland at the end of August. (It’s all women too!) If you’re interested, just look up Iron Girl Triathlon. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  9. Jessica says:

    Lady, you know I’m not a triathelete but I’d still recommend you go for it (that’s how much faith I have in you)!

  10. greyhound says:

    This must be Eyeore week for me, and again I am the downer. I am only becoming a triathlete, and am doing my first half-iron this summer. I have, however, done one half-marathon, and three marathons. Every person and their body is different, but I could not do an event requiring 7 or so hours of effort two weeks after a long road race. (Note, too, that I am not fast and am not competing to win my age group in any event.) A week after a marathon I am still sore, and can so no serious effort for at least two weeks, sometimes more.Sorry *sniff* I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but having been injured before, I become a worry wart for anyone going too far out on the razor’s edge.

  11. Wil says:

    Two weeks after a marathon, your legs won’t be sore anymore but you will still be recovering….might be a rough day if you decide to do that half, not to mention you could be risking injury.

  12. Eric says:

    I’m with Wil and Greyhound. But it also depends upon your body. Not knowing your background, having only found your blog recently, I would be cautious. I did a half-marathon then came back too fast to “pace” the second half of a marathon……BAM….IT band issues. Took me six weeks to recover. How long does it take you to recover from a marathon? Personally I would follow your title…..there is no tri.

  13. nancytoby says:

    A half ironman is a really long day. If it’s really, really motivating to you it may be a good goal! That’s one that only you can answer. And it depends on how much swimming and cycling you’ve done so far this year, too. But three months is not a long time to prepare – if your swimming and cycling base is not as strong as you would like, you might think about a shorter tri around that time, or a relay. But if the thought of doing it really, really psychs you up – it would be possible! But difficult! I think it mostly depends upon how your personality reacts to challenges like that, and how much time you have to devote to training over the summer. Good luck!!!

  14. Iron Benny says:

    Alright, I’m going to throw in my two cents worth. I spent some time looking through your archives to try and learn a little about you and your background. However, I was not able to determine your level of athleticism and so forth. I have some questions:How far away is the Half Ironman?What are your race goals?How much training in the other sports have you done?What is more important, the Half IM or the marathon?My opinion, you will not be sore two weeks after a marathon but you will still be recovering. I don’t think you will be in top form in time for the race. But, perhaps time doesn’t matter and all you want is a finish. However, is this your first triathlon? If so, starting with a half right after a marathon may be over doing it. Not to say it isn’t possible. There are plenty of people that do it. I just advise against it. The bottom line, there are a ton of things to consider here. If you want to e-mail me, we can discuss in further detail if you want. Not that I know everything, because I’m far from that. But, I can give you my opinion if you want. Hope this helps, but probably not. Sorry.If I were forced to give you advice now based on what I know right now, I would say no. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Anyway, I could go on forever. Benny

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