Stop me if you’ve heard this one

I had intended to go out for a 6 mile run this morning but, as usual, I started out too late and really didn’t have time. The question then became, what will I do to make this run count? I wasn’t really interested in just running 4 miles at some reasonable pace. No, no – not good enough. And then it hit me – I could make this a hill run. I need some hill training. Keeping in mind that all runs are hill runs of sorts where I live what I had in mind was a wicked hill run – steep hills. So I charted a course in my head and started moving in that direction. As I got closer to the base of the first big hill I started having an internal dialog:

Ego: The hills are coming up – you should run around Sunset Loop and then up the big one on that other street.

Id: Oh I don’t know about that. Hills are hard.

Ego: Yes they are – and there are quite a few notable ones on your marathon. You need to run some hills

Id: But hills are hard. I’m not sure today is a good day for hills

Ego: Really? And what would be a good day for hills?

Id: Oh you know – marathon day

Ego: – Right, so you can get up the first big hill, get a giant pain in your ass and have a miserable time of it for the next 20 miles?

Id: But, but hills are hard and I’m not sure I’m ready and what if I twist my ankle or what if there’s a big dog that comes out to chase me and I can’t get away from it because I’m running up hill and I can’t go fast enough and what if it eats my face off and that will just RUIN MY LIFE!?

Ego: Oh look – we’re at Sunset Loop

Id: Okay so how about we go up and then 1/2 way down and then run up the other big hill starting part way up.

Ego: I don’t think so. It’s time to train on some hills. Really – it’s time.

Id: Okay fine but if this kills me I’ll be dead but you’ll be sorry!

And then I did it – and I did it just fine.

Here is how it looked on MotionBased (did a screen capture in stead of the viewport but viewport is cool) .

See where those words are 1/2 way along the right side of the loop? That would have been a great short cut but I didn’t take it. I did both hills, all the way. Yeah for me. ps- see that first big, sharp drop? I run up that almost every time I go out so that’s what I mean about every run being a hill run. It’s unavoidable.

So 2 hills down and a whole bunch more to go!

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