Slacking is in the eye of the beholder

Monday I missed my swim, justifying not going on the basis that I rode my bike 28 miles on Sunday so I needed the rest. Tuesday I almost missed my run. I started the day out right by getting into running clothes but as the day wore on it got hotter and hotter and so I ended up changing into street clothes and doing other things. Then it got to be evening. Then there was very little time left before the sun would go down. There was some reason I didn’t get out earlier – my son needed a ride, I needed to go to the store – whatever. By 7:30 I decided that if I couldn’t get in a 6 mile run I had better go out and go fast. 3 miles (3.2 if you believe Motionbased), 30 minutes – you go girl!

Yesterday I missed my swim. I just didn’t get up and go. I just didn’t. Ugh. Are we seeing a pattern here? This is bad. I feel myself slipping into old bad habits that led me to be undertrained for my marathon which resulted in a bad time and a terribly painful run. Must.fight.back!

Today is nice and cool. I missed going out in the morning but I will go out and run 8 miles and I will try not to worry about the pace. Tomorrow I will swim. Saturday I am doing a sort of roll your own duathlon where I’m running 10 miles and then doing a planned, supported 35 miles bike ride. Hopefully I will get back on track. A little verbal abuse encouragement from the RBF might also help.

ps – I’m relieved that the RFB is not populated by cat nuts. NTTAWT – cat nuts are nice people. I’m just not one of them and apparently neither are most of you.

pps- it’s not that I think I’m a slacker or anything. I’m doing a lot of training it’s just that when I don’t get up and get going I worry about myself. I really don’t want to show up for my marthon with too few miles in my log book. That way lies madness not to mention pain.

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3 Responses to Slacking is in the eye of the beholder

  1. jeanne says:

    You are so NOT a slacker. you just need to get into auto-pilot mode. no thinking allowed. follow the schedule. It’s all about the schedule for me, and the FEAR of what happens from not following it.i am FORCING myself to go workout in 120 degree room right now, and i really don’t walk to go. i want my mommy (well, i want somebody’s mommy!)

  2. susie says:

    I’m with Jeanne. I can make excuses in a heartbeat if I’m not on a schedule with a race in the near future. And even with that, I’m not sure my current schedule had me running enough. Ah well. Think if it this way: you must take care of yourself first–and that means getting the training in first. Before day gets hot, before shopping, right after the son needing a ride. Do it for you. Think how you’ll feel AFTER the marathon with all your miles behind you.

  3. David says:

    What’s a supported bike ride? Are you wearing one of Mark’s bras?Get yourself back on track girl! You don’t want the gurney wagon to pick you up at the marathon.

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