Recent Keyword Analysis

Every once in a while I like to look at Statcounter and see what searches are bringing people to my blog. I know using foul language makes those results really awful so I try really hard not to do that (also because it makes for bad writing). Today I checked and saw this:

2 25.00% tater tots t shirt
1 12.50% mamas-crazy
1 12.50% hymen reattachment
1 12.50% zits comic january 26
1 12.50% dean karnazes whole foods
1 12.50% dudes look like a lady
1 12.50% shut your pie hole

Loved it. I’ve never had such variety before and it’s mostly so clean. Hymen reattachment is a little oogie but I did mention it in context of all the loopy things women feel compelled to do to be more attractive.

For my money, when it comes to doing something to be more attractive I’ll take ‘getting buff from training for a marathon’ for 200, Alex.

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2 Responses to Recent Keyword Analysis

  1. Bob says:

    hahahahaha thanks for that 🙂

  2. Tauquil says:

    I’m jealous, you get all the good results! Reading this made me check mine and they positively pale in comparison. The best I can offer is “I touch myself” and “subway perv” and even then they’re applicable.

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