I went to the track last night to do some speed work (it finally stopped raining!). Today my right glute and hammies hurt. Ow. Not an injury kind of hurt – just a sore muscle thing. I ran 1/2 Yassos if there is such a thing. 1/4 mile slow followed by 1/4 mile fast. There was a CYO track group there of kids from 5-15 all of whom smoked me repeatedly. That was fun – NOT.

I’ve concluded that the Garmin 201 is not useful on the track. It shows elevation changes that I’m quite sure don’t exist. The stop watch function worked fine as did the distance measurement and baby, I was smokin’! My average moving pace was 9:04 and my overall pace was 10:32 I like that. With the exception of lap 3 (I think I stopped and drank water) things look pretty good.

Lap Time/Distance
1 – 2:36/ 0.28
2 – 8:52/ 1.00
3 – 4:37/ 0.28
4 – 2:29/ 0.25
5 – 2:14/ 0.25
6 – 2:44/ 0.25
7 – 2:15/ 0.25
8 – 2:47/ 0.25
9 – 2:12/ 0.25
10 – 2:00/ 0.16

Now if I could just beat those kids …..

Today I failed to make it to the pool. I did take a bit of a walk but really – I let myself down because I didn’t stick to The Plan. Oh well..

Tomorrow – 4 – 6 miles depending on how I feel.

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5 Responses to Ow

  1. susie says:

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  2. susie says:

    You’re not sticking to the PLAN? Come on now, you’ve got to stick to the PLAN. (I think my Garmin has a mind of its own.)

  3. jeanne says:

    HOLY CRAP! you WERE smokin’!!! Those are some amazing times! I’m totally impressed.

  4. Susan says:

    Sometimes Garmina does some funky things to freak me out too!

  5. Jessica says:

    “Now, if I could just beat those kids” – Hah!

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