I have been doing a little running lately. On January 10 I ran 4 miles in 41:27 and today I ran 3 in 30:22. That’s a very respectable time for me. Of more significance is the fact that I had planned to go running, then I forgot about it and then when I saw that it was 5 o’clock I jumped up, pulled on the running clothes as fast as I could and ran out the door. It was in that moment that I felt like a real runner – like a person who actually goes for the run she thought about. That is, a runner with a commitment and not just a passing fancy. That’s a good place to be when you are gearing up to start marathon training.

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3 Responses to Running

  1. jeanne says:

    Ooooh, very exciting!! Those are some righteous times, too! You know how tantalized I get when you write about running! Cuz one day you’re going write “…so I finished the marathon yesterday….” !!!!

  2. 21st Century Mom says:

    Yes – that day will be July 31, 2006. I wonder if I could get there without doing the training??

  3. David says:

    Not on your life (in answer to your comment). .. but it is very commendable that you were able to so easily transition from forgetful 5 o’clock day’s over mom to running goddess.

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