So what if you have to work as a Walmart greeter instead of enjoying your retirement – I’m a good Dad!

Ken Lay has a new website. Ken Lay wants you to know what a great guy he is. Ken Lay has a long, long list of awards including ‘Father of the Year’. Oh wow. A man with more money than God gives some of it away and gets awards – how moving. A man who ran a company that left a lot of people who would otherwise be comfortably retired but now have to work and who didn’t even make good on its severance packages is innocent I tell you – innocent! It was all of the creepy lackies under him. He know nothing – nothing! He was too busy tossing a ball with his boy to have even the slightest inkling as to the mendacity and treachery of his entire staff. And it’s all a government plot to prove he is guilty. The are putting the squeeze on former employees to get them to testify and that’s just UnAmerican! Yeah right, that’s it.

This is supposes to make us feel bad:

Only those who have seen its teeth truly grasp the arbitrary power of the Enron Task Force to threaten, browbeat and intimidate those witnesses it may select. Should one of them dare to defend himself he is faced with intolerable legal expenses and the ultimate uncertainty of litigation which, if successful, exposes him to a life sentence in prison without parole and the probable forfeiture of all his assets. If successful, he is left with astronomical legal expenses and untold emotional damage.

Do you feel bad? Neither do I.

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