Thank God we have a great leader in the White House

I just read that
“President Bush cut his vacation short by 2 days” to go to New Orleans and talk to the people on the ground. But.. but..but.. I thought he was only on vacation for 1 week in August and then he was just in Crawford because the White House is under renovation. Yes? No? Is there no limit to the number of lies his staff can spin per unit time?

People are dying all over New Orleans and Mississippi. Hospitals have no generators and people on life support including premature babies are dying. Can you imagine the pain of losing your baby because the government couldn’t get some fuel to keep the generators at the hospital running? Tens of thousands of people have no water, no food, no medicine – nothing and it’s been that way for 4 days. The streets are lined with the dead and they aren’t the ones that drowned in the flood – they are the ones who cannot survive the hardship. Of course the natives are restless. So what is the one thing Bush says publicly other than ‘help is on the way’ (and we all know that the help is a mere fraction of what it needs to be)? He says this:

“The president urged a crackdown on the lawlessness.”

Our President is a moron and I say that at the probable risk of the FBI showing up at my door and arresting me for treason. Karl Rove can out a CIA agent but an angry citizen is fodder for Camp Gitmo.

If George W. Bush doesn’t go down in history as the biggest idiot ever elected to office and if this turn of the century doesn’t go down as the most oppressive, misguided time in our country’s history I will be very, very surprised. Not only do we have a total monkey brain for a President – he has disciples who keep him in power and protect him all the while chipping away at our basic rights and sending our country in bankruptcy. It feels like we are in the dark ages. Under the leadership of Bush we have lost our country. Hopefully he will put us over the edge and the next fight for survival will be for a return to freedom, justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hopefully not too many more people will die needlessly before it happens.

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3 Responses to Thank God we have a great leader in the White House

  1. jeanne says:

    Just go to (get the day pass for free) and read Sidney Blumenthal’s piece (posted yesterday). You have GOT to read it to believe it.

  2. 21st Century Mom says:

    Oh Jeanne – I believe it. I am so disheartened. What is truly incomprehensible is that late last week when Katrina was rolling in and predictions of a worst case scenario were abundant the Bush administration did NOT pull together a task force to come up with a plan to address those predictions should they come true. We can only hope that President DimWit will let his Daddy and Bill Clinton do what they need to do to address this disaster and save as many people as possible. The really saddest thing of all is that President ShitForBrains will get away with this, too. The magnitude of his mendacity and greed has swamped all resources and left the world slack jawed and impotent in the path of his staggering and misguided quest to become the most Powerful Man on Earth!

  3. jeanne says:

    I truly honestly believe he should be impeached–for this and other atrocities. But that is highly unlikely. Unless and until the American people wake up. Sadly, that’s unlikely. Why????My heart is breaking, too.

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